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COVID-19: The Protective Clothing Trend On The Mind Of Every Frontline Worker!

๐Ÿ‘€: www.cdc.gov

What's the protective clothing trend on the mind of every frontline worker in the fight against the dreadful pandemic caused by The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)? This short piece is not a regular fashion hot trends epistle but a realistic summary of the worry for adequate Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)/clothing , not just on the minds of every healthcare worker on the battle frontlines but their families and very importantly, the various Governments whose responsibilities it is, to provide these Equipments for their Healthcare staff. With the news of Healthcare staff in various parts of the world, succumbing and dying from the disease, the need to get things right with provision and vital training on adequate usage of PPE, has never been so dire!!! Thank goodness for the fact that, these Protective Equipment have been in use for a while and with standardisation of previous guidelines, there is evidence that, if properly used, healthcare workers who must remain healthy to care for the sick, can be successfully protected from avoidable exposure.
๐Ÿ‘€: www.usatoday.com

With regards to adequate usage of PPE, the image below outlines the various steps in a protocol that I found in The Washington Post, during my short Literature review. This image is unlikely to be useful to my non-medical readers but do you at least now appreciate, what Healthcare workers have to go through in these unprecedented times? 30 steps to be followed, every time a Healthcare worker gets in and out of protective clothing.
๐Ÿ‘€: www.washingtonpost.com
With sudden increase in the global demand for PPE and face masks being cleared off Pharmacy shelves by people in various communities, I wasn't surprised to see industrial type gas masks being worn by a few members of the general public.
๐Ÿ‘€: alibabaexpress.com

The last time I checked, over 700,000 cases have been confirmed and unfortunately over 33,000 deaths worldwide, with Doctors and other healthcare workers being part of the people lost in this dreadful pandemic! The fear is palpable in the empty streets, as everyone who must, continues to remain in doors and social distancing is in full swing. While the Medical Science community, frontline staff and Governments continue to work around the clock to find solutions to this dreadful viral plague, one thing is sure; to keep the Healthcare workforce on the frontline fit, all hands have to be on deck with keeping up with the highest standards of this trend and thank goodness, the Governments of the world recognise this fact and are doing everything possible to make sure that Protective Equipments are made available on the very dangerous frontlines.

*Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guidance: Infection prevention and control / WASH|WHO

Strategies to Optimize the Supply of PPE and Equipment|CDC
Healthcare Supply of Personal Protective Equipment|CDC

Novel Corona The Virus: What's The Science & How Am I Dealing With It?

Novel Corona The Virus (SARS-CoV-2)! Responsible for the ongoing global pandemic referred to as COVID-19! Reared it's ugly head in China and spread to other parts of Asia and the Middle East to cause chaos; landed in Europe to cause pandemonium and lock down in major Cities; visiting parts of Africa and causing untold panic; refusing to spare Australia; rocking the polity dangerously in the USA and other parts of the Americas; and threatening to explode in the UK, where I am currently located, with number of positive cases and deaths appearing to increase on a daily basis! Novel Corona the Virus! What is the SCIENCE  and how am I dealing with it?
In relation to the Science, permit me to state clearly that, as a junior Doctor in the British system, I am not in a position to claim personal authority to any particular knowledge on this subject matter  but following several  hours of targeted literature review, we know that, the Novel Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, although being a member of a family of Viruses referred to as Corona Viridea in scientific terms, is the first of it's type  and initially appeared to defy everything that, Scientists all around the world, thought they knew about this family of viruses. Ideally, this family of viruses were known for their role as, possible causative organisms of, mild respiratory tract/airway illnesses, including the seasonal common cold, that causes recurrent sneezing, nasal congestion, mild cough due to post-nasal drips and mild fever +/- body aches. While the Novel Coronavirus can and is currently causing  these same symptoms in many cases, Clinicians in the fore front of fighting against this disease in the most affected parts of the world, have recorded severe symptoms that go beyond the respiratory system , as illustrated  in the image below by, Sagar Aryal, a passionate Microbiologist and Scientific blogger.
๐Ÿ‘€: microbe notes.com

This particular family of viruses, amongst others, is transmitted via coming in contact with, what we can vaguely refer to as, infected micro-liquid based bubbles called "droplet nuclei", usually formed and spread, when an infected person coughs or sneezes without adequately covering their mouth or nose or, perhaps did cover with their hands and failed to wash the same hands adequately with soap and water, before touching hard surfaces like , the handles of doors etc; thus the scientific idea behind the generally advised preventive measures of, adequate hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds, social distancing and wearing of appropriate face masks, for those who do.
๐Ÿ‘€: condor.co.uk

 As a lot of people already know, the Novel Coronavirus is pretty much transmitted in the same fashion but with all the measures put in place by experienced Government and Public Health Authorities to prevent/slow down spread, why are the number of cases and deaths rising exponentially in various parts of the world and leading to lock down situations, with the potential threat of global economic meltdown? This is the big question yet to be appropriately answered by the global Scientific Authority and as the Science continues to evolve, the best we can do is, as much as possible, adhere to current advise of adequate and repeated hand washing, social isolation and self isolation in line with laid down guidance, where necessary. Last I checked, approximately  216,000 confirmed cases and over 8,000 deaths world wide have been recorded; figures that will sadly increase by tomorrow and in the unforeseeable future to come. Thank goodness for the over 84,000 who are reported to have recovered from the disease.

Being equipped with the basic science summarized above, how am I dealing with the situation? Knowing that I am in the UK, where the situation appears to be  evolving really fast, some friends, family and esteemed readers of our Blog, having been contacting me to confirm if I and my family are well. I guess, you were wondering if I had tested positive, after reading the caption of this post? Well, I haven't but anyone can, if utmost care is not taken and, as with everyone else in the United Kingdom, I am making sure to adhere to the strict guidance that can be found in the references below and avoiding unnecessary social gatherings or public travels, as much as possible. My deepest condolences go out to, all families who have lost and may lose a loved one, in the difficult days to come. Our hope and prayer is that, this bad dream ends sooner than expected and we all learn vital lessons, that can make the world a better place to dwell in.

By - Dr. Oghenekevwe Daniel Ogidigben


WHO|Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Advice For The Public

NHS|Coronavirus (COVID-19)/Advice

NHS|About Coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS 111 Online

UKGOVERNMENT|Coronavirus(COVID-19): UK Government Response

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World AIDS Day 2019 - Why Communities Should Strive To Make A Difference! WHO Infographics.

December 1st 2019 and yet again, another World AIDS Day but this time, the emphasis is on how communities around the world can make a difference in the lives of, people living with HIV and the different at risk populations. I woke up this morning, thinking about a little change of emphasis from, blowing the trumpet about prevention to, helping people already living with the condition. I opened my computer to find out what the theme is this year and surprisingly, it felt like my thoughts had been resonating with stakeholders.Truly, COMMUNITIES  MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! Find World Health Organisation  facts below to appreciate vital statistics and why communities must continue to come together to make the difference, in the all important fight against HIV/AIDS.



The ACCESS++ Strategy to end HIV can only be made possible if Communities continue to work together to make the difference. For more/detailed  information, click into the References below.

WHO|HIV/AID - Factsheets

WHO|World AIDS Day 2019

WHO|World AIDS Day Campaign -Messages For Policy Makers


SICKLE CELL AWARENESS - What Is The Professional Position On Romance? - Professor Akinyanju

September is "Sickle Cell Awareness - Month" and since the month began, a lot of vital information has been disseminated  to members of the public by stakeholders and related Organisations but out of the many, I am moved to re-visit the all time controversial topic of ROMANCE  between people with the AS, SS and SC genotypes. What is the true professional position about the matter? Watch the short video below to find out what the Founder/Chairman of The Sickle Cell Foundation of Nigeria,  Prof. Olu Akinyanju, had to say when I had a chat with him at The Lagos Network Centre of The Nigerian Television Authority over 5 years ago.

With regards to dating/marriage, I am not by this post, giving any form of advise to people living with the trait or disease. I am not saying," begin to date/marry or not" but there is a professional position  on the matter, that should serve as a guide for people in difficult romantic positions and needing to make a decision.  Knowledge is key and it can make all the difference in your approach towards getting a 360 degree view on  staying  physically and emotionally stable, as the case maybe. Tell me what you think in the comment section below but most importantly, continue  as much as possible , to do all that is required to stay well. From London with love - Cheers!

Dr. Oghenekevwe Daniel Ogidigben.

WOMEN'S TENNIS:What Explains Bianca Andreescu's Defeat Over Serena Williams In The Last US Open Tennis Women's Final?

That 19 year old Bianca Vanessa Andreescu is the 2019 US Open Tennis Women's Champion is no longer news to tennis lovers but what exactly explains how she managed to beat the great Serena Williams in straight sets to emerge as the new kid on the female Tennis block? Physical and mental magic?
Bianca Andreescu - 2019 US Open  Women's Tennis Champion! ๐Ÿ‘€: usopen.org  

Just over 12 months ago, the Romanian born Canadian teenager is reported to have been plagued with injuries and couldn't even make it through the qualifying stages of the 2018 US Open Tennis Tournament. In 2019, after winning the Women's trophy at  the WTA Indian Wells Tennis Open in March 2019, she is also said to have taken some time off the court because of injury troubles and didn't seem like she would be any trouble for Serena, when she made it to the 2019 US Open Women's final but those of us who watched the match saw how it panned out; very clear physical domination in the first set that led to a "6-3" outcome. Same thing was repeating itself in the second set until Serena being who we know her to be, fought back, winning 4 straight games to level up at "5-5". Then we witnessed one of the greatest mental comebacks to ever happen in the history of female Tennis. Bianca defied the New York crowd that was fully behind Serena, to clench her first grand slam, winning the set "7-5"! How did a 19 year old make this happen?
Bianca Andreesu and Serena Williams -๐Ÿ‘€: fotospublicas.com

If you are reading this story, I am looking forwards to reading your suggested theories in the comments section below. Is age still an ordinary number? Does experience count? and very importantly, did child birth by Serena make any difference?
Bianca Andreescu- ๐Ÿ‘€: instagram.com/biancaandreescu_

Whatever your thoughts maybe, Bianca is currently having the time of her life and is the face every Female Tennis interested Blogger wants to feature on their webpage. A very big congratulations to you Champ. We are looking forwards to many more slams to come.

US OPEN|Bianca Andreescu Upsets Serena Williams To Win 2019 US Open

TENNIS TONIC|Andreescu Explains The Mental Side About Overcoming Physical Issues

World Health Day 2019:Why Universal Health Coverage For Everyone Everywhere #HealthForAll

"I and my family have good access to Primary Health Care & so should everyone else in the world"- Dr. Kevwe

Today is World Health Day 2019 and on this special April 7th, the World Health Organisation (WHO) in partnership with all stakeholders have decided to switch all focus to UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE, with an emphasis on PRIMARY HEALTHCARE FOR EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE! The big question on many ignorant minds would be,"why universal health coverage for everyone, everywhere?" I perceive some Health related professionals responding by asking "why not?". The reality is that, if you happen to be part of the 100 million people or more worldwide,who have to struggle between going hungry or homeless, with not even enough funding to afford basic healthcare,  you will realise that there is need for every one who can help in anyway, to do what they can to ensure that, primary healthcare is accessible to everyone, everywhere all around the world; even if it means basic information of what to do and where to go, when the need arises. In line with this fact, WHO has urged all of us who can help with information dissemination, to do so actively because a problem better understood, is on it's way to hopefully being solved. The video below and other WHO Communication materials will summarise all you need to know about: the problem and global call to action on this special edition of World Health Day.











To lend a voice at once, you can sign the WHO "Health For All - Petition" by clicking in. Many thanks in advance.

* WHO|World Health Day:7th April 2019

FOOD:The Relative Theory Of Healthy Fish & Chips - Why You Must Have Fun Dieting

Fish,Chips & Salads ๐Ÿ“ท: by Dr.Kevwe - instagram.com/drkevwe

Thank God it's another Friday but as I settle into the cafeteria at my work place to enjoy the weekly and nicely put together "fish and chips" garnished with salads/veggies, all I can hear is the wailings of anti-calorie mongers who certainly will not appreciate what I have termed,"THE RELATIVE THEORY OF HEALTHY FISH & CHIPS"! I know that I am on a healthy diet drive and so should you all but as you can see, I nicely ignored the wailings, shot my images and devoured the sumptuous meal you see in the photo above; but come to think of it, why should I not have fun dieting?
๐Ÿ‘€: High Quality Wallpaper

What do I mean by "the relative theory of healthy fish and chips" though? Since I relocated to the UK, I've come to appreciate the secret of healthy dieting and having fun whilst at it. I used to lament at the site of fresh leaves nicely tucked besides every meal, in the name of salads but now I know better. The ever growing world of weight loss has tilted many people into fanatical calorie disdain, forgetting that the body actually does need energy in form of calories to function at optimum levels. Yes, fish and chips does contain calories that can become unhealthy if consumed excessively in an abusive manner but if consumed in moderation, a beautiful combo of low salt-baked or even fried fish and chips, garnished with fresh salads can give you a super balanced diet composed of: carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals...that can get you winning after a busy morning at work or anywhere else. This is the relative theory of healthy fish & chips!
๐Ÿ“ท:by Dr. Kevwe - instagram.com/drkevwe

I will refrain from speaking too much grammar about the matter, as my family members and friends in the Legal world will say but anything worth doing is worth doing well and since we must all commence on healthy dieting, let us at least enjoy ourselves whilst at it. Clinically, I have realised that patients  are able to hang in much longer and even develop their dieting into permanent lifestyles when feeding with food timetables that promote only moderate nutritional abstinence. Many who have overzealously delved into extreme diets like Ketogenic and co, relapse even before they know it and become worst at their junk eating habit. Others move about feeling very weak and actually unwell inside- please what is that? Eating good food is fun and unless the clinical indication is absolute like: Kidney disease patients who must go drastically low on proteins or Hypertensives and Diabetics who must drastically go low on table/cooking salt and sugar respectively etc, on no account should anyone advise you not to enjoy your journey into the world of healthy dieting. Consult a standard Nutritionist for your personal dietary guidance and always remember that too much of anything can kill! For more information about the health theory of fish and chips, see references below. The matter is that serious...Lol.

* BT| 4 Reasons Fish And Chips Is Good For You

* NHS| Eat Well:Healthier Takeaways

World Cancer Day 2019: What's New With The Fight Against Cancer - INFOGRAPHICS

Another February 4th and thus yet again , another WORLD CANCER DAY but this year what's new with the fight against Cancer? As the burden of cancer grows unfortunately more worrisome, in addition to all the group efforts being put in by The World Health Organisation (WHO) and partners like The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) amongst others, individuals from every part of the world are being called upon to take personal action, no matter how small, towards reversing the current menacing cancer statistics; just in case we all might be able to achieve a cancer free world or perhaps the next generation. The theme for this year  "I AM AND I WILL" creates room for all and everyone to fit in to the struggle and take action in any way possible. This article is my own little way of taking action and I believe strongly that it would go a long way in creating awareness towards what we are dealing with and what we must do....."I AM AN ADVOCATE AND I WILL SPEAK UP"!!!





* THE PREFERRED WAY FORWARD: Just because prevention is better than cure so, the less the risk of coming down with cancer, the better for us all.
๐Ÿ‘€: twitter.com/who

It's time to make a personal commitment against cancer people....."I AM AN ....Individual, Student, Advocate, Medical Professional, Business Person, House Husband or Wife, Jobless etc...AND I WILL....Spread The Word; Reduce My Cancer Risk; Fund Research; Support Cancer Victims etc. Whatever you can do, it will be super important in the fight against cancer and together, perhaps we could make the world a better place. For more information about World Cancer Day 2019, see the references below.


* WORLDCANCERDAY|World Cancer Day- 4 February 2019 #IAMIWLL


* UICC|World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day 2019: How Mrs Imafidon Got It All Wrong & How You Must Not! #IAMIWILL

Courtesy of ๐Ÿ‘€: Breakthrough Art Gallery by Ufuoma Evuarherhe

She had recently been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer which had spread to her liver. I wondered how Mrs Imafidon had let it fester for so long, when her house was a stone throw from the biggest hospital in the state. I didn't need to think for long because she was like every other Pentecostal, who believed they could pray their problems away. An extra offering here, one week of fasting and some anointing oil before bed and that pesky hard seedling in the left breast would wither and die. After all, the God she served wouldn't allow something as evil as breast cancer to afflict his faithful servant, it was only for the enemies and unrepentant sinners. If only she had known early enough! February 4th is World Cancer Day......."I AM" a fictional Cancer victim so "I WILL" speak up!

๐Ÿ‘€: worldcancerday.org

I stared into the mirror, watching the contours of my face, previously smooth but now hardened by age. Sleep fled my eyes as I scrolled my phone book looking at names, some of which wouldn't connect if I tried to place a call through and the fleeting nature of life hit me. The older one grows, the list of those numbers grows longer; numbers belonging to those who have passed on. My eyes paused at that of Mrs Imafidon. Just to be sure, I placed a call through and of course it did not connect. Her death hurt even more because it was the most recent.  The last time  I saw her was a couple of months ago and she was still full of joy and hope but I couldn't match her happiness because of my learned skepticism. I had seen many people on this same path she was on and it only ended in one place, the cold hands of death. If only they had known better..."I AM" a fictional victim and "I WILL" spread the word!

The seedling kept growing and became harder and bigger, till she couldn't keep it to herself. One day after a wonderful church service, she mentioned it in passing to her friend, a Professor of medicine. She didn't want to be a bother, but could she maybe take a look at her breasts, not that she thought it was anything serious. As she took off her bra in the women's rest room, she saw the blood drain from her friend's face and the look told her all she needed to know. Months later, after the surgery, transfusions, chemotherapy and millions of money spent, the look on her face even with all her hair gone, the smile and the infectious, "I'm great" when asked about her health was unbelievable . She continued with her routine of helping and being a source of inspiration to all. This was someone who had looked death in the eye and laughed. I had no doubt she breathed her last with all dignity, being at peace with herself, still as vivacious as ever and happy till the last day but only if she had known better, she would be alive spreading the word of awareness!

Make no mistake esteemed readers...tell someone to tell someone else, who must tell more people that, prevention is better than cure for cancer otherwise,"EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES"! The above story is a fictional illustration of how Mrs. Imafidon got it all wrong but the most important lesson today is, how you must not. Every cancer death is one too many, so we must all join hands and lend our voices to spreading the message. Look out for recent statistical infographics and preventive measures in the next article.

By: Dr. Wisdom Aziegbe

https://twitter.com/wisibord (@wisibord) is a Nigerian Medical Doctor with interests in Cardiology and Psychiatry. He loves writing medical fiction for Health Promotion purposes in his free time.

SPORTS: Australian Open Men Tennis 2019 Champion - What Made The Difference?

Credit: Reuters

7 times an Australian Open Tennis conqueror but overall 15 times a grand slam Legend and this is how we say massive congratulations to Novak Djokovic for becoming the Australian Open Tennis  Men's Singles 2019 Champion. Yes we were expecting a clash of the titans when Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal emerged as finalist for the 2019 Australian Open Men's Singles but the outcome of the match  left fans all around the world a bit more confused than not. What could have gone wrong from the Nadal side of the divide or better still, what made the difference?
๐Ÿ‘€: NDTV Sports

Till this moment I'm not quite sure because both players cruised into the final looking fitter than ever before, with Nadal reported to have let no set slide from the first game till after the Semi-Finals. How did he then manage to lose in straight sets on this particular final occasion?

Some of his fans are suggesting that something must have gone wrong with regards to mental focus.

 At the end of the day, fitness is all about overall 360 degrees wellbeing, isn't it? The Tennis King of Clay nevertheless, remains one of the Tennis greats of our time and we are certain that he still has a great career future ahead. In case you didn't watch the match live, here's a summary of how the game went down.
๐Ÿ‘€: ausopen.com

With the 7th Australian Open title in the bag, is Novak Djokovic still keen on lifting any more Norman Brookes Challenge Cups? What a question!๐Ÿ˜€ No Tennis player will ever be tired of winning gland slams, as long as they remain fit enough to kick *ss on the court.
The Norman Brookes Challenge Cup - ๐Ÿ‘€: twitter.com/ausopen

Overall fitness is the key thing and that is all we have to wish Novak and other grand slam hopeful champions in the future. I'm looking forwards to much more amazing Tennis in the course of the year and I'm sure you are too so, keep a tab with us. Until then, stay HEALTHERTAINED always!

* AO|A Perfect Match:Novak's Melbourne Masterclass

* The Telegraph|Novak Djokovic Swats Aside Rafael Nadal To Become The First Man To Win  Seven Titles At Australian Open