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2022:Happy New Year World


This is to wish all of "DR KEVWE'S BLOG" Readers, friends and well wishers a very Happy and safe New Year ahead. We hope that 2022 brings you all you wish and pray for. From optimal health seeking behaviours to perfecting your craft and business; we hope you have a fulfilled year ahead. 2021 was an interesting year and in so many quarters, at some point, things almost came to a stand still because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In Healthcare, we were so busy that, I developed severe writers apathy/writers block and I am sure this might have been the case with many people in various key sectors of the various polities of the world. We hope and pray that, the worst is over and everything that experienced a setback in 2021 will bloom and flourish in this 2022 and onwards. 

From Dr Oghenekevwe Daniel Ogidigben

ANNOUNCEMENT: "University Of Port-Harcourt Doctors In The United Kingdom" End Of Year Party, Swindon - Graphic Jingle!

This announcement/ Graphic Jingle is to invite all Doctors who graduated from the University of Port-Harcourt, Choba, Rivers State and currently resident in the United Kingdom, for our upcoming end of year Party. See Poster above for address. Date is Saturday,11th December, 2021. Please save it and book your annual leave ahead, if you work in the hospital and likely to be On Call.

Some of us have been in a whatsApp group for a few years now and have already started planning what promises to be a massively fun outing for ourselves and our family members. We know that there's more Doctors of Unique background not in our whatsApp group, thus this announcement, as we would like to see everyone and get to discuss becoming a more formal group, as the case may be. 

We look forwards to seeing you and your family there. 🍾πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚.

For R.S.V.P. and more information on our token contribution to make the event flawless, send a whatsApp message or SMS : 07404293150. 

Dr. Oghenekevwe Daniel Ogidigben - for planning Committee. 

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: 5 Facts About Marriage You Should Know From My Experience Thus Far

 Our first wedding ceremony in what usually makes up a series of ceremonies for most African marriages, was held at the Federal Marriage Registry in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, on the 12th of October, 2016 and as you have most likely worked out, it's our 5th anniversary today. Only 5 years? Many of my seniors in the business would say. Yes 5 years and if you ever wondered like myself in the past, how couples managed to stay together for even a few years, then you will realise that for some of us 5 years is a milestone. Let's not talk of the many young marriages that do not see the light of day, despite elaborate wedding ceremonies. In addition to a few pictures of myself and my family, find below 5 golden facts you must know from my marriage experience thus far. If you are yet to take the plunge and still dreaming of meeting Snow white in all her glory, this article might help you. I will also be waiting to hear the opinion of my seniors in this business and others in the comments section.

Engagement Date: July 2016

#1. If your marriage is based on erotic and material attraction alone, I'm sorry to burst your bubble because sooner than later, you MAY be booking appointments with a Divorce Lawyer. I feel that this fact is the most important. That physical beauty can depreciate with age or that things may not always be smooth financially is no news. What next for you, if things do not pan out as you fantasised from the get go? After 2 children, Eri has had her struggles with maintaining the size she was when I met her and so have I. I used to be Medical College 'MR MACHO' at some point and when Eri met me, my 6 packs were still in good shape but an amalgamation of my packs occurred and I am finding it very difficult to break up the 1 pack that dangles beneath my anterior abdominal wall now and what's she going to do about it?  We have also had our moments of financial needs to cater to aspirations and desires but we have managed to keep our heads up through it all thus far and the hustle continues.

Somerset, England/UK: October 2021

#2. If you are the type of person that wants to take every issue to tribunal and never ignores somethings, I am sorry because your marriage may end after battle upon battle. "Why should you talk to me like that, are you mental?" "Why would you dare to forget this special date in my life, you don't love me any more and you must tell me why or you won't leave this house"! Uncle/Aunty, it is a giving that, your spouse will unknowingly talk to you in a way that you don't like at some point. Somebody will forget somebodies parents wedding anniversary or some other special date. If you choose to turn your house into a battle front for these, it's up to you. I'm usually the guilty one with dates and a jokingly verbalised reminder suits me well. Eri blesses me with a piercing frown when I unknowingly talk to her in a way she is unhappy with and I think I do same. This is not to say we have not had our moments but you just can't take everything to the tribunal, otherwise the place will implode. 

Westminster, London,UK: September 2021

#3. If you are the type that needs attention from your partner/spouse 24 hours of 7 days of every week, I wish you the best of luck if you are not able to find a balance with this because you may end up dejected and feeling that your spouse no longer loves you at some point. The reality is that, one thing or the other will temporarily take priority over giving you attention at some point, especially children when they enter the equation. 

Somerset, England/UK: October 2021
Somerset, England/UK: October 2021

#4. One person cannot always be right! I used to always feel I was right about every thing, so if you are in this boat you were not alone but you can understand the frustration this must have been causing Madam Eri, can't you? Even if you are right 99.9% of the time, there's still going to be that 0.1% when you are likely to be wrong and what if something critical could have been avoided? I got to learn that, it's always good marital practice to listen to your partner's opinion and act accordingly sometimes, without slamming the VETO hammer for  every decision making exercise that pops up!

#5. Finally, it's "FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING"! The first ever author of this popular quote is not at all far from the truth. If you are the type that pleases everyone else except your wife and kids, then sorry is all I can say. Some people might say,"is there really anyone like this?" Some stories will leave your jaw dropped for days unending and it will always remain difficult to understand what drives that thought process. I'll cross the mountains and oceans for my immediate family especially and extended family as much as possible.

A very big thank you to every one who spent some form of energy to wish us all. I say a big Amen to all the prayers and wish you all the same. Please don't forget to drop your thoughts in the comments section below. I'm keen to read about your opinions on the issues raised and many more. Cheers.

Birthday Shoutout: Why Omena/Ariela Ticks All The Boxes For a Future Superstar At 2 Years

My daughter, Omena Ariela Ogidigben, was born on 9th of October, 2019, at the Memorial Harmann Hospital, Memorial City in Houston , Texas and although she turns only 2 today, these photos of her and little write up summarises why she ticks all the boxes for a superstar in the making. 

We were requested to fill in a form for her pre-school admission and the first question that hit us was a golden one: "Tell us 3 attributes of Omena?" Without thinking twice I shouted the first 3 attributes that came to my mind: CHEERFUL, OUTGOING and FUN LOVING! That's my daughter for you. A 2 years old woman who already knows what she wants... very hilarious right? Wait until she tells you "no!I want that one" 🀣.


Caring to a fault is an understatement! How did the Creator imbibe such a virtue in a human being this young? I know I didn't teach her and don't think her mum did either. She lights up every room she enters with joy and sweetness and you can't help but to love her immediately you meet her.

Already aware of physical fitness in her own small way, copying jumping jacks from her mum and Joe Wicks and matching her dad to a dance, pound for pound minutes unending. 

Happy 2nd Birthday my darling daughter. You surely tick all the boxes of a future superstar and I couldn't have thought of any better gift from God for a daughter, than you. 

Blessings on blessings my beautiful daughter. I wish you many many more years in return; in great health and global greatness of course.

Blog; by Daddy/ Dr Kevwe Ogidigben

πŸ“Έ: Natural Portraits by Sally Sergeant

Styling: Mum/ Eri Ogidigben

Primary School Freshers:Is There Any Stress Free Strategy To Getting The Kids Writing Ready?


As the summer holiday goes by real quick, the excitement is palpable because Kj and his peers become primary school pupils when they return back to the four walls of a classroom but if you are the parents of these excited lot, then your benign anxiety may be similar to ours when you think of the big question,"IS THERE ANY STRESS FREE STRATEGY TO GETTING THESE CHILDREN WRITING READY"?  

Permit me to apologise to readers who thought I was going to blot out solutions in this article. I honestly wish I had the answers but I don't, so I will be soliciting responses in the comments section from: family, friends and colleagues who have older children.... how did you do it please? I sat with K.j. the other day and we both got frustrated πŸ˜…!"I just can't do it Daddy", the intelligent young man cries out to me but they  eventually do it, don't they? A few of the kids might not develop the skill as quick as their peers and this proves to be a source of worry for the parents especially doesn't it?

A close family friend has suggested the A4 Mini whiteboards with markers and we are getting some from Amazon to have a go (find referral link below). Will this work the magic? Do well to let myself and the many parents in this boat know how you tackled this all important milestone with your wards in the comments section below. Thanks a zillion in advance. You are Superstars already.

Durdle Door: What You Should Know About This Jurassic Coast Fantasy Beach In Dorset - Video


Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in Dorset, England. According to Wikipaedia, the arch stands about 200 feet (61 m) above sea level. I visited with family and friends sometime at the beginning of Summer and took a video note of all you should know about this fantasy stretch of beach land on the Jurassic Coast. Enjoy.

Amazon Associate advert πŸ‘‡

General Practice Training: The Last 10 Years That Led Me Here - Dr. Ogidigben

 General Practice had always been on my list of Specialty/Residency Training options but as I reflect on summarised details of what I have termed to be some significant events from the last 10 years that culminated in 2020, the one thought that floods my busy mind is," what a year to have finally started"- The year that COVID-19 brought the world to her knees! 2011;2012;2013;2014;2015;2016;2017;2018;2019 and finally 2020 has come to an end. I will most likely continue to edit this piece for the next few weeks to come as there was at least one event per year that I could summarise in this reflective piece but for now, permit me to say Happy New Year in advance Fam! It's only a couple of minutes to what hopes to be a promising year.....

FOOD: Diaries Of A Transformed Yuletide Turkey In Pictures!


This Turkey had to experience the transformation of spicy baptism. Her predecessors from 2018 and 2019 had been through failed attempts to get the spices soaked deep into their bulky protein mass. Could Turkey ever be seasoned in such a way that, every strand of the meat told a scintillating story to the tase buds of the very critical food critic?

The above image speaks for itself! Seasoned with pepper and every edible spice our hand could reach in our Kitchen, myself and Eri set to work 48 hours before grill day and you bet, we were happy with the results. The taste buds settled down in delight, as the tasty, masticated Turkey made contact. This would have made a critic's delight by every standard of Master Chef Cookery.

Instead of featuring in a Cooking show, this transformed bird blessed our plates with our most tasty Turkey yet and what a delight it was. πŸ˜‹! I couldn't help but document this piece of culinary history made in our local kitchen. This year was in a lane of its own on different levels but next year/2021 promises to be a year of amazing culinary experiences, that will be documented in this platform. Let's keep safe and stay in touch. Wishing you all a delicious 2021 ahead.