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Primary School Freshers:Is There Any Stress Free Strategy To Getting The Kids Writing Ready?


As the summer holiday goes by real quick, the excitement is palpable because Kj and his peers become primary school pupils when they return back to the four walls of a classroom but if you are the parents of these excited lot, then your benign anxiety may be similar to ours when you think of the big question,"IS THERE ANY STRESS FREE STRATEGY TO GETTING THESE CHILDREN WRITING READY"?  

Permit me to apologise to readers who thought I was going to blot out solutions in this article. I honestly wish I had the answers but I don't, so I will be soliciting responses in the comments section from: family, friends and colleagues who have older children.... how did you do it please? I sat with K.j. the other day and we both got frustrated ๐Ÿ˜…!"I just can't do it Daddy", the intelligent young man cries out to me but they  eventually do it, don't they? A few of the kids might not develop the skill as quick as their peers and this proves to be a source of worry for the parents especially doesn't it?

A close family friend has suggested the A4 Mini whiteboards with markers and we are getting some from Amazon to have a go (find referral link below). Will this work the magic? Do well to let myself and the many parents in this boat know how you tackled this all important milestone with your wards in the comments section below. Thanks a zillion in advance. You are Superstars already.

Durdle Door: What You Should Know About This Jurassic Coast Fantasy Beach In Dorset - Video


Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in Dorset, England. According to Wikipaedia, the arch stands about 200 feet (61 m) above sea level. I visited with family and friends sometime at the beginning of Summer and took a video note of all you should know about this fantasy stretch of beach land on the Jurassic Coast. Enjoy.

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General Practice Training: The Last 10 Years That Led Me Here - Dr. Ogidigben

 General Practice had always been on my list of Specialty/Residency Training options but as I reflect on summarised details of what I have termed to be some significant events from the last 10 years that culminated in 2020, the one thought that floods my busy mind is," what a year to have finally started"- The year that COVID-19 brought the world to her knees! 2011;2012;2013;2014;2015;2016;2017;2018;2019 and finally 2020 has come to an end. I will most likely continue to edit this piece for the next few weeks to come as there was at least one event per year that I could summarise in this reflective piece but for now, permit me to say Happy New Year in advance Fam! It's only a couple of minutes to what hopes to be a promising year.....

FOOD: Diaries Of A Transformed Yuletide Turkey In Pictures!


This Turkey had to experience the transformation of spicy baptism. Her predecessors from 2018 and 2019 had been through failed attempts to get the spices soaked deep into their bulky protein mass. Could Turkey ever be seasoned in such a way that, every strand of the meat told a scintillating story to the tase buds of the very critical food critic?

The above image speaks for itself! Seasoned with pepper and every edible spice our hand could reach in our Kitchen, myself and Eri set to work 48 hours before grill day and you bet, we were happy with the results. The taste buds settled down in delight, as the tasty, masticated Turkey made contact. This would have made a critic's delight by every standard of Master Chef Cookery.

Instead of featuring in a Cooking show, this transformed bird blessed our plates with our most tasty Turkey yet and what a delight it was. ๐Ÿ˜‹! I couldn't help but document this piece of culinary history made in our local kitchen. This year was in a lane of its own on different levels but next year/2021 promises to be a year of amazing culinary experiences, that will be documented in this platform. Let's keep safe and stay in touch. Wishing you all a delicious 2021 ahead. 

TENNIS:How Naomi Osaka Surprised Fans To Become US Open 2020 Tennis Women's Champion!


 If you are a true Tennis Fan, then it's no longer news to you that Naomi Osaka is the US Open 2020 Tennis Women's Champion. The big mystery is how she managed to pull that unbelievable come back, losing the first set 1-6 to initially furnace blazing and 2-time Grand slam winner, Victoria Azarenka; and then going on to finally win the game: 1-6, 6-3, 6-3!Age related fitness? Athleticism? Determination? What was the magic?

Image by: Simon Bruty/USTA

Whatever the case may be, the mixed shock/inspiration of this feat by Naomi Osaka made me snap out from the writers block I had been suffering from. Work got really busy and suddenly, I could not find any mental space to write until, demonstration of sheer determination and good Tennis made the blood vessels in my brain overflow with inspiration.


Massive congratulations to Naomi Osaka and her Team. 3 Grand slam trophies on the shelf at 22 years of age and $3 million US Dollars added to overall price money wins. Absolutely astonishing! Let's wait to see what the Men's Final between Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev has to offer later today.


Naomi Osaka Rallies Past Victoria Azarenka To Win 2020 US Open Women's Single Title|USOPEN

World Blood Donor Day 2020 - How Safe Blood From A God Sent Donor Turned My Case Around!

Today is World Blood Donor Day and we decided to feature the real life story told by a grateful recipient below, to illustrate why more people must become regular Blood Donors and the importance of safe blood in the overall wellbeing of recipients.

"On a faithful Wednesday Evening, I was on my way to church for Bible study meeting, when the motor cycle I was a passenger on, ran into a pothole, lost control and collided into a car. Although I had literarily been involved in a Road Traffic Accident, there was no external injury when I got up from the floor. I thought I had luckily escaped being hurt, until I attempted to urinate and noticed that, instead of urine, all that came out was bright red blood! I was rushed to a nearby Government Hospital and  was immediately referred by the Doctors-On Call to the Teaching Hospital about an hour's journey from Town. Upon arrival to the Accident & Emergency Department of the Teaching Hospital, we realised that, waiting time would be another hurdle to being seen. All this while, I was bleeding non-stop  from the opening at the tip of my penis. I eventually got seen after a few hours and Doctors realised that, I had sustained a tear in the urine pipe referred to as the urethra. I got weaker and weaker as I bled my life out. The Doctors had to urgently transfuse a pint of blood  before I was taken into theatre for emergency urethral repair by the Urology Team. Fast forward to a few weeks after I arrived at that Emergency Department, with 2 Units of blood already transfused and 2 failed repairs, I was still bleeding from my water works. As if my troubles were not enough, I eventually had a blood transfusion reaction and I felt like the earth was opening up to swallow me from my blood soaked bed in the Men's Surgical Ward. I needed blood to stay alive but i was reacting to what was available in the Blood Bank. A suitable blood Donor was certainly needed but I honestly didn't have a clue, where that person would come from. My Dad was said not to be suitable because of his age and other issues and my sister had just had a baby. I remember being told that, if I didn't get suitable blood transfused within 24 hours, I would be at high risk of dying. My Dad and sister began to cry inconsolably. All I could do in my helpless state was, pray to God to show His face in my situation and He did by bringing Dr. Kevwe my way. Before the 24 hour timeline would run out the next morning, I surprisingly saw Dr. Kevwe in the Men's Surgical Ward. He was a student then. There were no pleasantries to be exchanged. I can still visualise the shock on his face, as he listened to me, whilst I laid on my Surgical Ward bed in so much agony, with a plastic linen on top the bedsheet and a  bowl under the bed, to prevent the dripping blood from staining the bed linen repeatedly or the floor. After listening patiently, he told me that, he needed to run off to write a test and would return to see me later on. A few hours later, Dr. Kevwe returned and to my utter surprise, volunteered for his blood to be tested and matched with mine. That was the turning point for me. His blood was a perfect match. The junior Doctor got the unit of blood transfused and I was taken into theatre the same Evening, for a second repeat repair that eventually turned out successful. Although I ended up spending several months in the Hospital, my life was saved after that blood transfusion; all thanks to God and Dr. Kevwe" ~ Felix Godswill 

On the 14th Day of June every year, the World Health Organisation and associated Organisations/Stakeholders mark "World Blood Donor Day", to celebrate those who have/continue to donate lifesaving  blood and to increase awareness on the need for more people to volunteer to become blood donors. For more information about this special day, refer to the reference below.



World Environment Day 2020: Why I Am Celebrating Nature's Biodiversity With Images!

Rookery Lake, London Borough of Bromley.

I have decided to "celebrate biodiversity" with images, on this special 5th Day of June, as my own way of joining The United Nations, other stakeholders and Environmental enthusiasts, in marking World Environment Day 2020. Although I had always had some sort of relationship with the environment, from early days of Farming with my late Grandmother; to learning how to swim; interacting with plants and animals for research during pre-Medical School Days, not until this year, did I really appreciate the  importance of the environment to mankind and the complex role that, every aspect of  nature played in ensuring that, there was balance in the overall scheme of things. Following several weeks of lockdown and many hours of indoor dwelling because of the current pandemic, restrictions were eventually eased and when I stepped out to take a 1 hour walk, the environment around me felt different. The air was fresh and pleasant to inhale; the grass and trees in the park looked beautiful; the birds complemented the scenery and every other creature seemed to just be in the right place, at the right time. There was a healing sensation to the feel! At this point, all I could think about was, heading into the woods to just take it all in. This was where  I got the inspiration to take these pictures and began to think that, of a truth, the environment and indeed, every facet of nature must be celebrated in one way or another. It was time for nature!
Rookery Lake, London Borough of Bromley.



Elmfield Woods , London Borough of Bromley.

I'm not an Environmentalist but we all know that, Environmental disruptions can have health consequences and thus, we all need to care for and appreciate nature, as much as possible. Some actually believe that, nature is trying to send us a message with the COVID-19 Pandemic but I am not in a position to comment on that school of thought. What I do know is that, every aspect of nature is vital to human existence and environmental stability can play a massive role in overall wellbeing. More than ever before, I am inspired and determined to do what I can to preserve the integrity of the environment around me and so should we all. For more information about this special day and what stakeholders are doing in different parts of the world to improve their environment, kindly refer to the references below. Many thanks for clicking in. Your time means a lot to us.

World Environment Day|United Nations

World Environment Day|5 June 2020

World Environment Day|Biodiversity

May 12:International Nurses Day 2020-Gratitude To Our Heroes As They Nurse The World To Health!

If you have ever worked closely with Nurses like I have or have been nursed back to good health, following an awful period of illness, then you understand what I mean when I say that, Nurses are Heroes and what better day to express profound gratitude for the many years of their support, than May 12th, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth and International Nurses Day 2020! This year, The International Council Of Nurses and her partners have decided to focus on the fact that, all her members around the world, must act with one voice, to lead the herculean task of "Nursing the world back to optimum health"!

From my days of medical school till date, Nurses have always been a major part of my work life and that I respect them so much for what they do, is an understatement. You get a new job at a Hospital or any other healthcare setting and you meet them on your first day of work. You show respect and maintain a cool head, then they happily teach you how to quickly acclimatise with your new work place and make your life easier than you could ever imagine, all for the greater good of patients/clients. What would the life of a medical Doctor be without good Nurses? My answer is miserable. I won't go into personal stories but on a special day as this, I have decided to post some pictures of some of the Nurses that have made a positive mark in the lives of patients, working with me as Resident Medical Officer on Call. These special Nurses and more, contributed largely to the successful completion of my first year as a medical Practitioner in England.

 Let me use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all the Nurses around the world. Please continue to do the amazing work you do. My deepest condolence go out to the families of the wonderful Nurses who have lost their lives in active service, caring for Coronavirus Disease patients and eventually succumbing to the disease! You are the true heroes and words will never be enough to appreciate the sacrifices you have all made during these unprecedented times.

Note:The wonderful Nurses featured in the images in this post are very much alive and continue to serve humanity to the best of their capacity. For more information about the special day, refer to the references below. 

International Nurses Day 2020|ICN

Nurses' Day 12 May|RCN