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TENNIS:How Naomi Osaka Surprised Fans To Become US Open 2020 Tennis Women's Champion!


 If you are a true Tennis Fan, then it's no longer news to you that Naomi Osaka is the US Open 2020 Tennis Women's Champion. The big mystery is how she managed to pull that unbelievable come back, losing the first set 1-6 to initially furnace blazing and 2-time Grand slam winner, Victoria Azarenka; and then going on to finally win the game: 1-6, 6-3, 6-3!Age related fitness? Athleticism? Determination? What was the magic?

Image by: Simon Bruty/USTA

Whatever the case may be, the mixed shock/inspiration of this feat by Naomi Osaka made me snap out from the writers block I had been suffering from. Work got really busy and suddenly, I could not find any mental space to write until, demonstration of sheer determination and good Tennis made the blood vessels in my brain overflow with inspiration.


Massive congratulations to Naomi Osaka and her Team. 3 Grand slam trophies on the shelf at 22 years of age and $3 million US Dollars added to overall price money wins. Absolutely astonishing! Let's wait to see what the Men's Final between Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev has to offer later today.


Naomi Osaka Rallies Past Victoria Azarenka To Win 2020 US Open Women's Single Title|USOPEN

World Blood Donor Day 2020 - How Safe Blood From A God Sent Donor Turned My Case Around!

Today is World Blood Donor Day and we decided to feature the real life story told by a grateful recipient below, to illustrate why more people must become regular Blood Donors and the importance of safe blood in the overall wellbeing of recipients.

"On a faithful Wednesday Evening, I was on my way to church for Bible study meeting, when the motor cycle I was a passenger on, ran into a pothole, lost control and collided into a car. Although I had literarily been involved in a Road Traffic Accident, there was no external injury when I got up from the floor. I thought I had luckily escaped being hurt, until I attempted to urinate and noticed that, instead of urine, all that came out was bright red blood! I was rushed to a nearby Government Hospital and  was immediately referred by the Doctors-On Call to the Teaching Hospital about an hour's journey from Town. Upon arrival to the Accident & Emergency Department of the Teaching Hospital, we realised that, waiting time would be another hurdle to being seen. All this while, I was bleeding non-stop  from the opening at the tip of my penis. I eventually got seen after a few hours and Doctors realised that, I had sustained a tear in the urine pipe referred to as the urethra. I got weaker and weaker as I bled my life out. The Doctors had to urgently transfuse a pint of blood  before I was taken into theatre for emergency urethral repair by the Urology Team. Fast forward to a few weeks after I arrived at that Emergency Department, with 2 Units of blood already transfused and 2 failed repairs, I was still bleeding from my water works. As if my troubles were not enough, I eventually had a blood transfusion reaction and I felt like the earth was opening up to swallow me from my blood soaked bed in the Men's Surgical Ward. I needed blood to stay alive but i was reacting to what was available in the Blood Bank. A suitable blood Donor was certainly needed but I honestly didn't have a clue, where that person would come from. My Dad was said not to be suitable because of his age and other issues and my sister had just had a baby. I remember being told that, if I didn't get suitable blood transfused within 24 hours, I would be at high risk of dying. My Dad and sister began to cry inconsolably. All I could do in my helpless state was, pray to God to show His face in my situation and He did by bringing Dr. Kevwe my way. Before the 24 hour timeline would run out the next morning, I surprisingly saw Dr. Kevwe in the Men's Surgical Ward. He was a student then. There were no pleasantries to be exchanged. I can still visualise the shock on his face, as he listened to me, whilst I laid on my Surgical Ward bed in so much agony, with a plastic linen on top the bedsheet and a  bowl under the bed, to prevent the dripping blood from staining the bed linen repeatedly or the floor. After listening patiently, he told me that, he needed to run off to write a test and would return to see me later on. A few hours later, Dr. Kevwe returned and to my utter surprise, volunteered for his blood to be tested and matched with mine. That was the turning point for me. His blood was a perfect match. The junior Doctor got the unit of blood transfused and I was taken into theatre the same Evening, for a second repeat repair that eventually turned out successful. Although I ended up spending several months in the Hospital, my life was saved after that blood transfusion; all thanks to God and Dr. Kevwe" ~ Felix Godswill 

On the 14th Day of June every year, the World Health Organisation and associated Organisations/Stakeholders mark "World Blood Donor Day", to celebrate those who have/continue to donate lifesaving  blood and to increase awareness on the need for more people to volunteer to become blood donors. For more information about this special day, refer to the reference below.



World Environment Day 2020: Why I Am Celebrating Nature's Biodiversity With Images!

Rookery Lake, London Borough of Bromley.

I have decided to "celebrate biodiversity" with images, on this special 5th Day of June, as my own way of joining The United Nations, other stakeholders and Environmental enthusiasts, in marking World Environment Day 2020. Although I had always had some sort of relationship with the environment, from early days of Farming with my late Grandmother; to learning how to swim; interacting with plants and animals for research during pre-Medical School Days, not until this year, did I really appreciate the  importance of the environment to mankind and the complex role that, every aspect of  nature played in ensuring that, there was balance in the overall scheme of things. Following several weeks of lockdown and many hours of indoor dwelling because of the current pandemic, restrictions were eventually eased and when I stepped out to take a 1 hour walk, the environment around me felt different. The air was fresh and pleasant to inhale; the grass and trees in the park looked beautiful; the birds complemented the scenery and every other creature seemed to just be in the right place, at the right time. There was a healing sensation to the feel! At this point, all I could think about was, heading into the woods to just take it all in. This was where  I got the inspiration to take these pictures and began to think that, of a truth, the environment and indeed, every facet of nature must be celebrated in one way or another. It was time for nature!
Rookery Lake, London Borough of Bromley.



Elmfield Woods , London Borough of Bromley.

I'm not an Environmentalist but we all know that, Environmental disruptions can have health consequences and thus, we all need to care for and appreciate nature, as much as possible. Some actually believe that, nature is trying to send us a message with the COVID-19 Pandemic but I am not in a position to comment on that school of thought. What I do know is that, every aspect of nature is vital to human existence and environmental stability can play a massive role in overall wellbeing. More than ever before, I am inspired and determined to do what I can to preserve the integrity of the environment around me and so should we all. For more information about this special day and what stakeholders are doing in different parts of the world to improve their environment, kindly refer to the references below. Many thanks for clicking in. Your time means a lot to us.

World Environment Day|United Nations

World Environment Day|5 June 2020

World Environment Day|Biodiversity

May 12:International Nurses Day 2020-Gratitude To Our Heroes As They Nurse The World To Health!

If you have ever worked closely with Nurses like I have or have been nursed back to good health, following an awful period of illness, then you understand what I mean when I say that, Nurses are Heroes and what better day to express profound gratitude for the many years of their support, than May 12th, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth and International Nurses Day 2020! This year, The International Council Of Nurses and her partners have decided to focus on the fact that, all her members around the world, must act with one voice, to lead the herculean task of "Nursing the world back to optimum health"!

From my days of medical school till date, Nurses have always been a major part of my work life and that I respect them so much for what they do, is an understatement. You get a new job at a Hospital or any other healthcare setting and you meet them on your first day of work. You show respect and maintain a cool head, then they happily teach you how to quickly acclimatise with your new work place and make your life easier than you could ever imagine, all for the greater good of patients/clients. What would the life of a medical Doctor be without good Nurses? My answer is miserable. I won't go into personal stories but on a special day as this, I have decided to post some pictures of some of the Nurses that have made a positive mark in the lives of patients, working with me as Resident Medical Officer on Call. These special Nurses and more, contributed largely to the successful completion of my first year as a medical Practitioner in England.

 Let me use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all the Nurses around the world. Please continue to do the amazing work you do. My deepest condolence go out to the families of the wonderful Nurses who have lost their lives in active service, caring for Coronavirus Disease patients and eventually succumbing to the disease! You are the true heroes and words will never be enough to appreciate the sacrifices you have all made during these unprecedented times.

Note:The wonderful Nurses featured in the images in this post are very much alive and continue to serve humanity to the best of their capacity. For more information about the special day, refer to the references below. 

International Nurses Day 2020|ICN

Nurses' Day 12 May|RCN


FITNESS:Why I Have Been Clocking Kilometres On Foot For Lockdown Exercise

If there is anytime when people needed to keep fit the most, then it would be this COVID-19 lockdown era but Gyms are currently closed and people are not able to engage in group sports to encourage each other, so I have been clocking Kilometres on foot for lockdown exercise. What have you been doing?

Clocked 10K the other day, with 6K covered by running non-stop and I was very pleased with myself. I had tried to make it a habit to cover at least 5K every weekend, running and walking but this lockdown has given me an opportunity to up the Ante. This is to show that, you do not have to be a pro-runner to go for it. Just set yourself a target, no matter how small and hit the tracks. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve and how you begin to feel within yourself after a few runs.

With approximately 4.1 million cases of Coronavirus Disease confirmed globally and over 280 thousand people dead thus far, mostly people with underlying conditions or severe fitness issues, every opportunity to build up our level of fitness must be taken advantage of. I continually tell myself that, this is not the time to sedentarily become a couch potato, using the lockdown as excuse and although it can prove difficult to beat the inertia sometimes, what I do is to enjoy a lie in, if I must and ensure to get on with it afterwards! It's not a do or die but exercise has always been a necessity and will always be. A little physical activity to increase overall blood flow, is always a win, win for the physical body and mind, whether indoors or outdoors, for those who live in countries that, the current  Government guidance permits a period of outdoor exercise. My deepest condolences go out to families who have lost loved ones in these unprecedented and tragic times. Those of us alive must continue to play our parts in making sure that, the world beats this virus and I am certain that, the time will come, when we would all look back and reflect on the painful lessons learnt. Until then, continue to as much as possible, stay safe people.

World Health Day 2020:Why We Must #SupportNursesAndMidwives - WHO.

Today (April 7th), is World Health Day 2020 and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in partnership with stakeholders all over the world, have dedicated this year to recognising  the critical role that, Nurses and Midwives play all over the world, to as much as possible, make our lives a healthier and happier place. From my personal experience as a qualified Medical Doctor, I can testify that, nurses and midwives are a very important part of the Healthcare team and without their vital contributions on a daily basis, global health will be at risk of collapse. From the indirect but important role they play in the training of even Doctors like me, to the amazing support and compassion they provide on any clinical front, be it in the ongoing fight against the Coronavirus pandemic or every other day work responsibilities in any Healthcare setting, thank goodness that, it has become clearly evident that, Nurses and Midwives must be supported to continue to do what they do and even get better at it.

I will not go into long tales of how Nurses and midwives have positively affected my practice but you can be sure that, they certainly have and I am forever grateful and thankful to all the amazing Nurses and midwives that have supported me at every point of my professional development. You and your colleagues all around the world, deserve all the recognition and support for all the wonderful work you do, to attempt to make the world a healthier place.

For more information about World Health Day 2020, refer to Reference below.

World Health Day 2020:Support Nurses and Midwives|WHO

SPORTS:The Reality Of How A Disease Shut Everything Down!

Over the last several weeks, Sport Authorities and fans of various sporting activities  all over the world, have been hit with the reality of how the ongoing Coronavirus disease pandemic, led to either the suspension or postponement of major sporting events. In other words, a globally significant disease concern short everything related to world sports down and the big question remains, who would have ever thought that, such an occurrence would ever be possible in the history of global sports? A few weeks ago, The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) announced it's decision to cancel, what was supposed to be  the 134th edition of the prestigious Wimbledon Tennis Championships because of the Coronavirus pandemic and this decision was not unexpected. Attempt to sustain the legacy (as the last time the tournament was cancelled was World War 2) and risk rampant spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus or cancel and save thousands of lives that, may otherwise have been affected? The informed decision of the Organisers say it all.
๐Ÿ‘€: www.thedrum.com

Earlier on in the year, UEFA had decided to suspend the rest of the matches that would have been played to conclude her various tournaments, of note, the UEFA Champions League. The Pandemic left them with no choice!

The Barclays English Premier League was also but on hold because of the pandemic and the debate on ground is, if this season should be cancelled altogether? Wouldn't be fair to Liverpool Fans, would it? ๐Ÿ˜…
๐Ÿ‘€: CDC

As I write this short article, confirmed Coronavirus cases around the world, approach the 1.4 million mark, with over 76,000 deaths and this figures are likely to change by tomorrow. Whilst the science community continue with valuable research and Clinicians continue to care for everyone who is symptomatically affected, everyone else must play their roles by adhering to the strict guidelines set out by their various Governments. For us in the United Kingdom, though we are disappointed about the thoughts of having to miss what would have been our first opportunities to attend live matches, we continue to remain indoors, to play our parts in breaking the spread of this terrible disease. Refer to the references below for more information on the various cancelled and suspended Sporting events, as well as, updates Coronavirus Disease statistics.


UEFA Club Finals Postponed|UEFA

Premier League Statement|PREMIERLEAGUE

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic|WHO


TRIBUTE TO KENNY ROGERS:My First Auditory Appointment With Legendary Old Roger.

Kenny Rogers - ๐Ÿ‘€: www.people.com

The news of the death of all time, multi-genre music  great, Kenny Rogers, hit the air waves about 2 weeks ago and as fans from all over the world continue to pay their respect, I decided to write a short tribute, with very vivid memories of my first auditory appointment with Legendary Old Roger. "On a faithful warm summer's eve, he got on a train bound to nowhere, where he met up with a gambler and discovered that, they were both too tired to sleep; so they took turns at staring at the darkness out the window, when the boredom  overtook them and the gambler began to speak". I might have been only 6 years old at the time but the smooth, deep voice filtering into my ears from my Grandfather's stereo, made me feel like, I certainly needed to be part of this meeting and that is how I learnt very early on in life that, you could "read people's faces by the way they held their eyes"!

To say Kenny Rogers was a Legend is an understatement! With every other song, came a vital lesson for me! Even if I wasn't considered the coward of my Local Government Area like Tommy, the mistaken County coward, that song sparked up a light in many underrated lads, that words could not express!

He was reported to have breathed his last at the age of 81, on 20th March, 2020 at Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States and though, he may have passed on to another world like an Island carried away by a stream, his Legacy will be remembered for many years to come and so will his voice in our fondest auditory memories.

Kenny Rogers|YouTube

Kenny Rogers 1938 - 2020

Kenny Rogers: Country music legend dies aged 81|BBC

COVID-19: The Protective Clothing Trend On The Mind Of Every Frontline Worker!

๐Ÿ‘€: www.cdc.gov

What's the protective clothing trend on the mind of every frontline worker in the fight against the dreadful pandemic caused by The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)? This short piece is not a regular fashion hot trends epistle but a realistic summary of the worry for adequate Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)/clothing , not just on the minds of every healthcare worker on the battle frontlines but their families and very importantly, the various Governments whose responsibilities it is, to provide these Equipments for their Healthcare staff. With the news of Healthcare staff in various parts of the world, succumbing and dying from the disease, the need to get things right with provision and vital training on adequate usage of PPE, has never been so dire!!! Thank goodness for the fact that, these Protective Equipment have been in use for a while and with standardisation of previous guidelines, there is evidence that, if properly used, healthcare workers who must remain healthy to care for the sick, can be successfully protected from avoidable exposure.
๐Ÿ‘€: www.usatoday.com

With regards to adequate usage of PPE, the image below outlines the various steps in a protocol that I found in The Washington Post, during my short Literature review. This image is unlikely to be useful to my non-medical readers but do you at least now appreciate, what Healthcare workers have to go through in these unprecedented times? 30 steps to be followed, every time a Healthcare worker gets in and out of protective clothing.
๐Ÿ‘€: www.washingtonpost.com
With sudden increase in the global demand for PPE and face masks being cleared off Pharmacy shelves by people in various communities, I wasn't surprised to see industrial type gas masks being worn by a few members of the general public.
๐Ÿ‘€: alibabaexpress.com

The last time I checked, over 700,000 cases have been confirmed and unfortunately over 33,000 deaths worldwide, with Doctors and other healthcare workers being part of the people lost in this dreadful pandemic! The fear is palpable in the empty streets, as everyone who must, continues to remain in doors and social distancing is in full swing. While the Medical Science community, frontline staff and Governments continue to work around the clock to find solutions to this dreadful viral plague, one thing is sure; to keep the Healthcare workforce on the frontline fit, all hands have to be on deck with keeping up with the highest standards of this trend and thank goodness, the Governments of the world recognise this fact and are doing everything possible to make sure that Protective Equipments are made available on the very dangerous frontlines.

*Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guidance: Infection prevention and control / WASH|WHO

Strategies to Optimize the Supply of PPE and Equipment|CDC
Healthcare Supply of Personal Protective Equipment|CDC

Novel Corona The Virus: What's The Science & How Am I Dealing With It?

Novel Corona The Virus (SARS-CoV-2)! Responsible for the ongoing global pandemic referred to as COVID-19! Reared it's ugly head in China and spread to other parts of Asia and the Middle East to cause chaos; landed in Europe to cause pandemonium and lock down in major Cities; visiting parts of Africa and causing untold panic; refusing to spare Australia; rocking the polity dangerously in the USA and other parts of the Americas; and threatening to explode in the UK, where I am currently located, with number of positive cases and deaths appearing to increase on a daily basis! Novel Corona the Virus! What is the SCIENCE  and how am I dealing with it?
In relation to the Science, permit me to state clearly that, as a junior Doctor in the British system, I am not in a position to claim personal authority to any particular knowledge on this subject matter  but following several  hours of targeted literature review, we know that, the Novel Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, although being a member of a family of Viruses referred to as Corona Viridea in scientific terms, is the first of it's type  and initially appeared to defy everything that, Scientists all around the world, thought they knew about this family of viruses. Ideally, this family of viruses were known for their role as, possible causative organisms of, mild respiratory tract/airway illnesses, including the seasonal common cold, that causes recurrent sneezing, nasal congestion, mild cough due to post-nasal drips and mild fever +/- body aches. While the Novel Coronavirus can and is currently causing  these same symptoms in many cases, Clinicians in the fore front of fighting against this disease in the most affected parts of the world, have recorded severe symptoms that go beyond the respiratory system , as illustrated  in the image below by, Sagar Aryal, a passionate Microbiologist and Scientific blogger.
๐Ÿ‘€: microbe notes.com

This particular family of viruses, amongst others, is transmitted via coming in contact with, what we can vaguely refer to as, infected micro-liquid based bubbles called "droplet nuclei", usually formed and spread, when an infected person coughs or sneezes without adequately covering their mouth or nose or, perhaps did cover with their hands and failed to wash the same hands adequately with soap and water, before touching hard surfaces like , the handles of doors etc; thus the scientific idea behind the generally advised preventive measures of, adequate hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds, social distancing and wearing of appropriate face masks, for those who do.
๐Ÿ‘€: condor.co.uk

 As a lot of people already know, the Novel Coronavirus is pretty much transmitted in the same fashion but with all the measures put in place by experienced Government and Public Health Authorities to prevent/slow down spread, why are the number of cases and deaths rising exponentially in various parts of the world and leading to lock down situations, with the potential threat of global economic meltdown? This is the big question yet to be appropriately answered by the global Scientific Authority and as the Science continues to evolve, the best we can do is, as much as possible, adhere to current advise of adequate and repeated hand washing, social isolation and self isolation in line with laid down guidance, where necessary. Last I checked, approximately  216,000 confirmed cases and over 8,000 deaths world wide have been recorded; figures that will sadly increase by tomorrow and in the unforeseeable future to come. Thank goodness for the over 84,000 who are reported to have recovered from the disease.

Being equipped with the basic science summarized above, how am I dealing with the situation? Knowing that I am in the UK, where the situation appears to be  evolving really fast, some friends, family and esteemed readers of our Blog, having been contacting me to confirm if I and my family are well. I guess, you were wondering if I had tested positive, after reading the caption of this post? Well, I haven't but anyone can, if utmost care is not taken and, as with everyone else in the United Kingdom, I am making sure to adhere to the strict guidance that can be found in the references below and avoiding unnecessary social gatherings or public travels, as much as possible. My deepest condolences go out to, all families who have lost and may lose a loved one, in the difficult days to come. Our hope and prayer is that, this bad dream ends sooner than expected and we all learn vital lessons, that can make the world a better place to dwell in.

By - Dr. Oghenekevwe Daniel Ogidigben


WHO|Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Advice For The Public

NHS|Coronavirus (COVID-19)/Advice

NHS|About Coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS 111 Online

UKGOVERNMENT|Coronavirus(COVID-19): UK Government Response

CDC|Coronavirus (COVID-19)