PUBLIC OPINION: Depression After Childbirth Due To Mother-Inlaw Stress- What Should I Do?

👀: @ugojesse

Post-Partum Depression has been defined in some quarters as ,an episode of moderate to severe, non-psychotic sadness, with onset anytime within 1 year of childbirth. The above illustration by Graphic Artist,Ugo Jesse, speaks for itself but what do you advise? Some women have experienced it and conquered it. Some almost lost it but managed to overcome it. If you are still single or even married but yet to birth your own child, you don't want to experience it when you eventually do,especially not as a result of mother-in-law stress. What should this mother and other mothers at risk do? Your opinion is vital,men inclusive. Do you think Mother-Inlaws have a positive role to play? Instead of witch hunting?

See below image for symptoms of postpartum/post natal depression and refer to the References for more insight into this topic.