Eddie Murphy's Older Brother Charlie Murphy passes at 57-The Dilemma called Leukaemia #ripcharliemurphy !!

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The sad demise news of Charlie Murphy at the age of 57,American comedian,actor,screen writer and older brother of Eddie Murphy,flooded Network airwaves and social media this past Wednesday and the cause of death is reported to be the dilemma called LEUKAEMIA. Commonly referred to as cancer of the blood or a cancer that starts from blood forming tissues,Leukaemia is associated with  abnormal multiplication and spread of "WHITE BLOOD CELLS" (component cells of blood mainly responsible for immune protection of the body) and National Cancer Institute(NIH) statistics reveal that in 2017 thus far, an estimated 24,500 persons have died from the condition worldwide,yet like other cancers, the exact cause for any of the different forms is unknown. Some risk factors/potential contributors to coming down with the disease include: exposure to certain chemicals/environmental factors,past family history,sex(male:female ratio),unhealthy lifestyle like tobacco smoking,excess alcohol in take and the likes. With this vague knowledge and a lot of "living a healthy lifestyle" information geared towards prevention,some medical scientists still believe that in more cases than not,the disease is unpreventable for those who will eventually become victims,so just like every other cancer, I suppose "early detection" will be the potential life saving action and if you didn't know,you can see the major symptoms in the illustration below.

If you or anyone you know ever experiences any symptoms close to these,then run to your healthcare provider to explain exactly how you feel,so appropriate investigations can be done to arrive at a diagnosis. Hopefully it won't be leukaemia but if it is, then treatment towards remission can start early enough. Every person lost is one case too many and Charlie Murphy was surely a multitude-in-one.

Many of us may not have always known you,Charlie,especially from Africa and other parts of the World but for all the testimonials from Eddie Murphy himself and other successful American comedians, we believe you are truly a legend now past and oh; I reaaallllyyyy enjoyed your joke about "What The 5 Fingers Said To The Face". 
It's sad to know that your wife had earlier succumbed to cancer and now you. Our sincere prayer is that God gives the family the fortitude to bear the loss. Leukeamia and all other forms of cancer are suckers that the world must get rid of but for now, the dilemma remains a nightmare that won't stop hunting the world of Medical Science AND unfortunate families,until more specific preventive measures and confirmed cures are developed. Your performances show that you were red hot with passion Charlie but your last tweet confirmed that it was time to to go.

As hard as it is to say good bye,we say #RIPCharlieMurphy.
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 Your Legacy lives on. For article references,some of Charlie Murphy's work and more information about Leukaemia, refer to links below.


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