Birthday Shoutout: Why Omena/Ariela Ticks All The Boxes For a Future Superstar At 2 Years

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My daughter, Omena Ariela Ogidigben, was born on 9th of October, 2019, at the Memorial Harmann Hospital, Memorial City in Houston , Texas and although she turns only 2 today, these photos of her and little write up summarises why she ticks all the boxes for a superstar in the making. 

We were requested to fill in a form for her pre-school admission and the first question that hit us was a golden one: "Tell us 3 attributes of Omena?" Without thinking twice I shouted the first 3 attributes that came to my mind: CHEERFUL, OUTGOING and FUN LOVING! That's my daughter for you. A 2 years old woman who already knows what she wants... very hilarious right? Wait until she tells you "no!I want that one" 🤣.


Caring to a fault is an understatement! How did the Creator imbibe such a virtue in a human being this young? I know I didn't teach her and don't think her mum did either. She lights up every room she enters with joy and sweetness and you can't help but to love her immediately you meet her.

Already aware of physical fitness in her own small way, copying jumping jacks from her mum and Joe Wicks and matching her dad to a dance, pound for pound minutes unending. 

Happy 2nd Birthday my darling daughter. You surely tick all the boxes of a future superstar and I couldn't have thought of any better gift from God for a daughter, than you. 

Blessings on blessings my beautiful daughter. I wish you many many more years in return; in great health and global greatness of course.

Blog; by Daddy/ Dr Kevwe Ogidigben

📸: Natural Portraits by Sally Sergeant

Styling: Mum/ Eri Ogidigben

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