Nigeria's Resident Doctors Lament Decay of Health Sector - Bemoans Stance Of Health Team Members.

                                              ✎: Anonymous.

The poster above captioned "#RIP Nigerian Health Sector" might look satirical but in reality, resident doctors in the country and their private practice colleagues alike, are of the opinion that, the decay has become unbearable. "The feeling of frustration we all feel,especially with regards to personnel management, is such that, the sector might as well be given a pitiable funeral and forgotten about". These are the words of a medical doctor 6 years post-NYSC and can you blame such a person? Else how do you describe a sector whose sole administrator found no better solution but to sack 16,000 residents, when working conditions and unpaid salaries were being challenged? Thankfully they were reinstated almost immediately,after wise counsel. The most hilarious aspect is the rebellion of other members of the health team against doctors. Coming together under the umbrella of "Joint Health Sector Unions"(JOHESU), other members of the health team would rather sideline their medical doctor counterparts and become the head of the "Health Team" in their various turns. To be honest,this saga seems to exist only in Government owned healthcare circles and the theme for the seasonal show seems to be:


Well, 2017 is here and since this is the first health gossip magazine blog of it's kind in Africa, I felt we might as well gossip about this here or hear from the various parties. I guess you are curious to know my own stand on the issue. You most likely have guessed right. I am "Dr Kevwe" and will always be.
 I can't think of anywhere in the world where the pilot of an airplane or captain of a ship steps aside for any other crew member to be the head of the team; no mater how bad other pilots/captains have faired in administration. The sooner we all come together to work as one happy team,the better for us all and our PATIENTS-most importantly. As for those in administration currently/ our very senior colleagues in Government, kindly review the entirety of other health sectors in foreign climes and work for the benefit of our future. 2017 is not same as when you graduated 20 to 30 years ago. We deserve better, if not best. We pay the same bills like everyone else,earn less but expected to work....


  1. U are absolutely right. But we also have to consider the human (Nigeria). We are not patriotic.

  2. I think the best way to end these JOHESU nonsense is Privatization

  3. JOHESU didn't bring no work no pay rule doctors did..doctors are the problem of that said the health sector will remain like this.doctors are it's own problem

    1. Julie, our senior colleagues can't kill us. We must thrive.