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The World Health Organisation(WHO) has defined Obesity as excessive accumulation of body fat that might impair health. This weight state has been identified to be a risk factor for conditions like: heart disease;hypertension;diabetes mellitus; abnormal blood cholesterol levels; joint related diseases etc. No normal person is happy to be obese but whilst you are there feeling all bad with yourself and doing nothing about it, why not join your obese Doctor in the race to achieve some meaningful wight loss? I can't even deny that I am overweight but I know colleagues who are obese. Are you struggling with your weight loss goals? Have you tried to dedicate sometime to workout sessions but can't seem to meet up? Not to worry. The fact that some Doctors are having the same struggles prove that you are human.  Having said that,where do we even start this race from? Let's start from identifying whether you are actually obese or "just" overweight like me. This is where we introduce the concept of knowing your "BODY MASS INDEX(BMI)- a measure of your weight proportional to your height". For adults, the height is usually fixed,so the weight is the factor that can be controlled and every individual has a particular weight range that is appropriate for their height. The BMI is calculated using the following formula and interpreted as depicted in the image below:

                                                      weight(kilograms) ÷ height(meters)²

Obesity can further be grouped into: class 1-:those that are between 30-34.5 kg/m²
                                                           class 2-: "       "      "       "          35-39.5 kg/m²
                                           and morbid obesity:..................................>40 kg/m².

The above formula is quite simple but technology has made things even simpler and you can take advantage of the BMI CALCULATOR provided on the side bar of this Blog;just above my profile. Having known where you stand, I will usually advise my patients,just like most weight loss practitioners do, to start the weight loss process via food portion controls. Ensure to reduce the portions as the days go by but no starving please. In some climes,it is pretty difficult to avoid late Evening meals, especially for married men/women who work corporate jobs that keep them out till late. In such an instance, low carbohydrate meals will suffice- variety with salads and fish or lean meat can fill you more than you expect.

 Whilst at it, make efforts to start an achievable workout routine. Depending on your health status, age and available time, simply brisk walking  at least 30 minutes,thrice a week is fine. I run every Saturday and climb the stairs back & forth,when I'm not in the mood to step out. I've also developed a habit of skipping as much as possible when I can. Some of you have thread mills at home. Never mind if you don't meet up on certain days. Most important thing is that you remain consistent and never forget to drink a lot of water/ get lots of rest. That way,we can all work towards the super humans that we have been created to be. For more information on obesity/overweight statistics and what to do,consult references below.


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  1. Lool.Obese Doctor indeed. Thank God for the first time a Dr can admit being overweighted. Yes, we must start from the kitchen & continue on the walk tracks.