What is Our Business With Toke Makinwa's Skin Colour? The Science Behind Lightening!!!

Toke Makinwa took a personal decision some time back in her life and the outcome was skin lightening, so what? Whaaat is our businesssss??? Many of you who will eventually read this health story, especially our international non-Nigerian audience may not know who Toke is. Well, she is a stunning Nigerian On Air Personality,Book Writer and Brand Ambassador who made headlines as a result of certain personal issues,including her decision to lighten her skin and onward action. What Nigerians satirically refer to as bleaching. She even made mention of the act on her thus far- highly successful book,"On Becoming". Prior to her official confirmation, several entertainment news Blogs, National/International gossip practitioners and even comedians had all taken their turns to throw in a gossip comment, without any idea of the scientific basis of skin lightening. Otherwise ask brother Seyi Law. He stole a particular moment at "ALIBABA January 1st" Comedy Concert 2017, with one of such comments and it sounded super hilarious.
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The National Health Service (NHS) defines skin bleaching as, "a cosmetic procedure that aims to lighten dark areas of skin or achieve a generally paler skin tone." It entails the use of chemicals in creams that ultimately lead to a reduction in the formation of melanin producing cells and thus melanin- the external layer of the skin/epidermis darkening pigment in dark skinned individuals. Some skin professionals have attributed the resultant skin thinning (and consequent higher exposure to ultra-violent rays) to the cause of potential multicolour skin discolouration and some skin cancers in extreme cases. My interview at the Lagos Network Centre of the Nigerian Television Authority(NTA) with a renowned Consultant Physician/Dermatologist/Skin Expert, Dr Frances Ajose, revealed that, though interfering with the process of melanin production in the skin can get ugly,it is however necessary to remove naturally dead cells from the skin. A process referred to by experts as "TONING".

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This story made hot gossip columns in 2016 and has ultimately made our gossip column at the beginning of 2017 but really,what is our business? Toke remains stunning and is doing well for herself, career and business wise, most likely taking life one day at a time these days,as she undergoes the new transformation -"On Becoming!!! 

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  1. Yes it is our business. ..if she had not literally written about it we wont have had a carnival of gossip about it....lol

  2. So much learned from ur Amebo... Lol.
    Personally I don't like Toke, she look masculine.

    I always see those who bleach their skin as psychiatric patients suffering from low self esteem, identity crisis etc.

  3. Not read her book. But i believe as an adult, one should be ready to live with the consequences of any decision one makes.

  4. It is also our responsibility to educate others especially many youth who sees her as role mode

  5. Am actually not a fan of bleaching anyways. My plea is that people consider not just the immediate gratification of their actions but also the long term effects.

  6. Its our collective business my brother...am not her fan and probably might never be...#Self esteem...#BetterRoleModelsOutThere.