SPORTS:The Reality Of How A Disease Shut Everything Down!


Over the last several weeks, Sport Authorities and fans of various sporting activities  all over the world, have been hit with the reality of how the ongoing Coronavirus disease pandemic, led to either the suspension or postponement of major sporting events. In other words, a globally significant disease concern short everything related to world sports down and the big question remains, who would have ever thought that, such an occurrence would ever be possible in the history of global sports? A few weeks ago, The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) announced it's decision to cancel, what was supposed to be  the 134th edition of the prestigious Wimbledon Tennis Championships because of the Coronavirus pandemic and this decision was not unexpected. Attempt to sustain the legacy (as the last time the tournament was cancelled was World War 2) and risk rampant spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus or cancel and save thousands of lives that, may otherwise have been affected? The informed decision of the Organisers say it all.

Earlier on in the year, UEFA had decided to suspend the rest of the matches that would have been played to conclude her various tournaments, of note, the UEFA Champions League. The Pandemic left them with no choice!

The Barclays English Premier League was also but on hold because of the pandemic and the debate on ground is, if this season should be cancelled altogether? Wouldn't be fair to Liverpool Fans, would it? 😅
👀: CDC

As I write this short article, confirmed Coronavirus cases around the world, approach the 1.4 million mark, with over 76,000 deaths and this figures are likely to change by tomorrow. Whilst the science community continue with valuable research and Clinicians continue to care for everyone who is symptomatically affected, everyone else must play their roles by adhering to the strict guidelines set out by their various Governments. For us in the United Kingdom, though we are disappointed about the thoughts of having to miss what would have been our first opportunities to attend live matches, we continue to remain indoors, to play our parts in breaking the spread of this terrible disease. Refer to the references below for more information on the various cancelled and suspended Sporting events, as well as, updates Coronavirus Disease statistics.


UEFA Club Finals Postponed|UEFA

Premier League Statement|PREMIERLEAGUE

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic|WHO



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