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"When Jeremy Houston found out that he was going to become a father 6 months ago,he was super excited and was expecting life to be business as usual. As of today, he can't seem to tolerate his wife as her every move brings him trailer loads of irritation. She won't even allow him enjoy the bonafide sexual benefits of being a married man. As much as he is happy to be a father soon, he feels he has seen a new side to his wife and is pretty much confused,moving forwards".

How many fathers who eventually get to read this article can relate? The "father-to-be" scenario is one status that is highly underrated  and many relationships get threatened just a few months into the pregnancy. Well, here are 5 short  keys to give you better understanding and help you cope, if you are a father to be or will become one anytime in the future.

* BE SENSITIVE: Pregnancy can be likened to a temporary health condition in itself as almost every system of the female body is affected and ladies tend to become slower as the months go by. We men on the other hand expect them to continue flying on all cylinders and become insensitive without even knowing. So #1 key is to be sensitive, understanding that she is undergoing a special experience. This simple key can help you avoid unnecessary quarrels.

* BE SUPPORTIVE: As the months go by, you will have to become more efficient  with chores and the likes if you don't have a maid. You will need to follow Madam to the Antenatal clinic etc. She has not become suddenly "lazy";it's the pregnancy.

* BE TOLERANT: Her hormones (pregnancy related chemicals) will be all over the place and as a result of infrequent irritability, she may pickup quarrels at the slightest opportunity. Even if you get frustrated on some occasions, keep quiet and find the best opportunity to explain your view of prevailing issues. Never deliver fire for fire.

* BE PROACTIVE: You need to begin to think 5 steps or possibly 10 steps ahead of situations if you can. This way, you make the entire experience tolerable for not just your partner but yourself and finally but most important key perhaps....

 STAY POSITIVE: As a couple,you may not always have the answers in this sensitive period and your partner may fret more times than often when situations seem uncertain. That's where your positivity comes in. You need to find a source to stay motivated,no matter the circumstance and your partner ultimately gets to feed off the positive energy. For me, it's faith in my Creator and I assure you,it's working well. Your relationship will be better for the above action keys and your baby will eventually benefit from the thriving love.

Wait a minute,did I just give my status away? Anyways, every expectant couple will have their story. Important thing is, when baby arrives, you want to emerge closer buddies,looking back to admit that every part of the journey was worth it. If you are going to become a father, maturity demands that you take responsibility and don't even tell me about money. There's more to the ordeal.

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  1. I really do hope the men get to read this. Very interesting. Pregnancy is also a good time to make your wife feel special and appreciated. Take her to the movies, take her out to lunch or dinner, go shopping with her for the baby's clothes, and some sexy maternity wears for her too. These little acts help to relieve stress on both sides, and will boost her confidence too. Encourage her, be there for her.