Cure For Sickle Cell Disease Without Bone Marrow Transplant? Find Out -BBC.

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Has God finally blessed planet Earth with a cure for Sickle Cell Disease without the client in question undergoing a bone marrow transplant? Well, I sighted an article on the BBC News website and a group of scientists at Necker Children's Hospital in Paris are reported to have performed a procedure that led to alteration of genetic (inherited)information in the bone marrow of a French Teenager/sickle cell patient. 15 months of observation after the therapy was instituted and the results are said to have been positive thus far with the child reported to currently be drug free. We are not able to currently confirm the authenticity of this information but if there is any element of truth in this gossip, then hope has arrived for millions of individuals with this inherited blood disorder. Normal haemoglobin molecules will now be the order of the day.

The sickle cell disease occurs in children when,a mutation(an abnormal alteration) in the formation process of a particular protein (Beta-2 Globin),leads to formation of abnormal haemoglobin(the oxygen carrying pigment of blood) and thus defective red blood cells that turn sickle shape upon distress and destroy easily. Up until this news, the only hope for cure has been to undergo a bone marrow transplant, where a fraction of the abnormal marrow is replaced with normal bone marrow from a donor. Though this procedure has been observed to bring respite for those who have the money to afford it, it is not without it's own issues,as clients have to be on immunosuppressive medications for life. Serious research is certainly currently ongoing with regards to finding a lasting cure to sickle cell disease but if the above therapy is eventually confirmed by the initiators and the global scientific world, then the happiness of many will know no bounds. We have our Health gossip antenna up in the air to bring the information to you immediately it is confirmed but for now, all we can do is to keep our fingers crossed and pray.


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