The story of how a supposed medical Doctor committed suicide a few hours ago,jumping off the Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge in Nigeria into the Lagos Lagoon might sound sensational but there is certainly more to the story than the ear can appreciate,if you ask me. Psychiatrist all around the world have come to a consensus that, medical practitioners are amongst some of the few professionals very prone to depression and the rate of suicide cases amongst medics might actually be on the rise but to simply believe that a Nigerian Doctor asked his driver to stop whilst cruising his Nissan SUV across the 3rd Mainland bridge and subsequently jumped into the Lagoon? Absolutely ridiculous. He certainly was not in his clear senses. I can say for sure that this is the first case of Medic suicide I have heard of in Nigeria. There may have been isolated cases here and there but very rare.
I hope the Police authority and investigative journalists will do their jobs appropriately and get to the root of the matter;not just search for the body of the deceased. Other Blogs report that there were actually eye witnesses. We however cannot verify the authenticity of that claim. For those who are wondering if medical Doctors actually get depressed, you'll be surprised what the predisposing issues are. From severe sleep deprivation and burn out, when we ask you all our clients to get adequate rest but never get enough ourselves, to financial lack in the case of the Nigerian Junior to intermediate Doctor,after many years of toiling in school and all sort of other hospital related issues;in addition to general life's stressors that everyone else has to deal with. Sorry I cannot speak on behalf of my Teachers and Bosses/older Doctors.

Talking from my own personal experience, it really takes the grace of God to be strong,when the chips feel down but I want to use this opportunity to encourage everyone out there, not just Doctors alone. No matter the circumstance, even when it feels like there is no longer hope and ending it all seems the best way out,think twice and give life a chance. There is always a way out. For more information on "Medical Doctors and Depression" consult reference below. Professional Depression is a worldwide reality.


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