#Depression: Let's Talk-Timely Theme For World Health Day 2017!!!

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April 7th, 2017 is World Health Day and this year,the central theme is "DEPRESSION:LET'S TALK". Simply defined as "a state of low mood and abnormal lack of interest in usual activity that can affect an individuals:thoughts,feelings,behaviour and sense of general well being", can it really be true that depression is the leading cause of poor health and disability worldwide? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), over 300 million individuals are said to be living with one state of depression or the other with one individual estimated to die from suicide every 40 seconds. Despite all the gains reported in The Gates Annual Letter of 2017, is the world becoming a more sad place as the days go by? Whatever the case, WHO and concerned stakeholders have reached a campaign consensus to say,enough of Depression already,"LET'S TALK" because truly, Depression can be treated and the solutions you seek will start from talking about it with someone who cares to listen or a professional if things seem to be getting out of hand. Parents/Guardians must take note that- this campaign also recognises that adolescents/young adults must be considered in the entire equation. They are humans and have emotions too. See the short WHO Campaign video below.

On the 7th Edition of "DR KEVWE'S LIFESTYLE WEEKLY"/my Video blog, I will carry out a really short survey,talking to few respondents to find out what they do to get their moods back up,when depressed. Depression is a threatening menace to global happiness but let's pick ourselves up and talk about it. For more information,consult the references below.

*WHO|World Health Day-7 April 2017

*WHO YOUTUBE CHANNEL|Let's Talk About Depression-Focus On Adolescents and Young adults


*gatesnotes|2017 Annual Letter/DEAR WARREN

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  1. Nice article here. If this will bring a downward turn in the recent increase in the rate of suicides,then the conversation has to go on. People have to talk.