"BETTER AIR,BETTER BREATHING"- Avoiding The Asthmatic Ordeal!!!!

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May 2nd was World Asthma Day 2017 and this year,the central theme of the campaign was "BETTER AIR, BETTER BREATHING"! Spearheaded by The Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) alongside the World Health Organisation and other concerned stake holders, the emphasis was on Atmospheric sanitation because -better unpolluted air,would mean to a large extent better breathing environment and this could ultimately lead to avoidance of the dreaded asthmatic ordeal.

Simply defined as a chronic(longstanding) inflammatory (body's reaction to injury) condition of the respiratory tract that occurs as a result of irritative stimuli/triggers that leads to constriction and excessive secretions but reversible upon treatment with dilator  +/- other relief medications, the difficult breathing and chest tightness with associated musical note-like respiratory sounds that follow a moderate to severe asthmatic attack can be super devastating, not just for affected persons but caregivers also;especially when children are affected. Death is a complication in some cases when attacks occur without access to control measures or when control measures prove ineffective in a few cases. Unfortunately this condition can be inherited from parents.

👀: asthmafoundation.org.nz

The best way to avoid this ordeal if diagnosed to be asthmatic would  be seeking appropriate clinical help from an approved caregiver and (as much as possible), preventing attacks,a measure that starts with a good knowledge and avoidance of irritative stimuli/triggers. As illustrated below, you will realise that all of the other triggers other than exertion from exercise, are related to some form of atmospheric pollution or untoward weather;with approximately 300 million people reportedly affected,if not more.
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The clarion call to individuals whether asthmatic or not,as well as organisations, would be to keep the environment/ atmosphere as sanitised as possible because "BETTER AIR could equate to BETTER BREATHING". The Human race could really make use of some fresh air in needy lungs moving forwards. For more information about World Asthma Day 2017 and Asthma management and prevention, consult references below.

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