#HeartAttack - How a Chinese Bus Driver Saved His Passengers Before Dying: Video.

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A now late 42-year old Bus driver in China has been tagged as a hero,after he successfully stepped on the break of a bus filled with passengers and pulled over to safety before allegedly passing on from Heart attack. A Heart attack commonly known in medical parlance as Myocardial Infarction is said to occur when there is an interruption of blood supply to the heart as a result of partial or complete blockage that eventually leads to death of heart muscle tissue. The exact cause of this condition is unknown but the most common risk factors have been identified to be: Tobacco smoking;poorly controlled/excess blood sugar in adult life (Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus);poorly controlled blood pressure(Hypertension);too much weight for height (Obesity);abnormally high blood fats & oils (dyslipidaemia) and alcohol abuse. The cardinal symptom is crushing/squeezing central or left sided chest pain that radiates to the shoulder with profuse sweating and breathlessness and anxiety in a lot of cases; probably what this heroic driver experienced before taking cautionary measures to save his passengers. See short video footage and reporting from a CGTN Correspondent below.

The most important aspect of this information will be how to prevent such an occurrence from happening to you or anyone else you know. Here are a few tips:

* Simply visiting the hospital once or twice a year for wellness checks can make a lot of difference. You don't need to wait until you experience symptoms as a couple of the risk factors mentioned above can occur without symptoms until damage is imminent.

* An active lifestyle with a regular exercise schedule is key; especially if you are at risk. Brisk walking for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week is the standard recommendation but if you can't meet up how about every Weekend? Some authors have suggested regular sex as being able to reduce the risk. That's certainly an issue for another day.

* Dietary modification is also very important: Hypertensives must keep salt intake very low;Diabetics must watch sugar consumption and those with abnormally high lipids in addition to hypertensives and diabetics must keep intake of fatty food substances to the barest minimum. Alcohol abuse is dangerous and Tobacco does not give nutrients. It only helps to destroy blood vessels on the long run.

* Those who experience any sort of chest pain should consult their healthcare providers on time and get check up/management if need be. A tablet of aspirin swallowed on your way to the hospital (for those with the kind of pain described above) might buy some precious time,if the diagnosis is really an impending or outright heart attack.
👀: en.wikipaedia.org

The special blood vessels that supply blood to our hearts deserve special care else, death is a very possible outcome. The incidence of heart attacks is reported to be on the rise with over 15 million cases worldwide in 2015 alone. This figure does not take into consideration,the many undiagnosed cases in developing climes like Sub-Saharan Africa and other 3rd world regions. There is need to pay more attention to personal wellness. Those who are already hypertensive or diabetic or both must be medication and exercise compliant. When it comes to general wellness, a word will never be enough for the wise,so we won't stop writing and talking; even to our own selves. For more information,consult references below.

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