#Herpes & The Genitals - No Cure For Usher Raymond & Lawsuits?

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Genital Herpes from Usher Raymond and a second lawsuit? Oh No!!!Situations will surely arise in our lives but how smart is a brother now?😏 If you are an ardent follower of celebrity gossip,then you certainly have heard like I did or read that, our superstar American R&B Artist and choreographer, Usher Raymond, is being slammed another lawsuit for allegedly transmitting Herpes to a sexual partner. First lawsuit for $1.1 million USD. is reported to have been filed by an unnamed stylist some years ago,claiming to have been deceived by the artist with regards to a clean bill of health but was eventually diagnosed to have genital Herpes after falling ill. Now the second lady in question wants $20 million USD. (if you ask me why?) for enjoying herself and denying that she never heard of the first case. Very Interesting. Perhaps the lady who quietly gave him this infection (if the claims are true), will probably wake up one morning and decide to sue for millions too? If the index case is not the last,then you will begin to wonder if,"there is no cure for Usher Raymond and lawsuits"!!!

In case you didn't know,Genital Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the virus illustrated above,the Herpes Simplex virus type 2. Symptoms include: painful sores/genital ulcers or blisters accompanied by burning or tingling sensations in the lower parts of the body,fever and a general feeling of unwell etc. The condition can however go unnoticed (asymptomatic) with some carriers but does this mean Usher has a case here?

Anti-viral medications available for treatment are said to only bring symptomatic relief and interfere with viral multiplication but as of now,there is no documented scientific cure for Genital Herpes. So you might as well say there is no cure for Usher Raymond yet but with the lawsuits,let time be the judge. For more details on the story,as well as information about prevention and management of the infection,refer to the references below.

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