#MENSHEALTH :10 Facts About Inability To Sustain A Penile Erection-You Should Know Sir.

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Inability to sustain an erection or erectile dysfunction? What's the difference anyway? If you are sexually active,then you most likely have experienced an episode or more of the above mentioned;especially as you grow older. You however wish it will never occur again and you were burning on top cylinders whenever called to action **😊. I know some men will deny it and you don't need to say;yes it can be embarrassing but breeze through these 10 facts below to quell your curiosity and improve function as the case may be.

1. You must understand that a penile erection is the hydraulic effect of extra blood entering and being maintained in the penis- must not always last as long as you want.

2. Inability to sustain is not an issue until occurrence becomes regular or intermittently recurrent- at which point it can be referred to as erectile dysfunction.

3. The most important organic/disease related causes are associated with problems from the heart or blood vessels e.g. Hypertension; problems with blood sugar processing e.g Diabetes mellitus;past surgeries especially:brain,prostatic or scrotal. other causes may include hormonal insufficiencies and drug side effects e.g. tobacco/nicotine in cigarette or alcohol overUSE.

Obesity has also been implicated. Excessive cycling is also a suspected associated risk factor 😏.  Majority of the time however,cause is psychological 😩- where erection and thus penetration fails due to anxiety/negative thoughts or feelings. A good way to differentiate is the presence/absence of erection during arousal from sleep early in the morning.

4. The occurrence is said to be 4 times or more higher amongst men in their 60's,compared to those in their 40's and below.

5. In the absence of uncontrolled or permanent organic/disease causes, experts have identified exercise,especially aerobic and certain fruits to be an effective treatment.

6. Carelessly using medications for self treatment can lead to priapism- a potentially painful condition in which,the erect penis does not return to it's flaccid (relaxed) state, despite absence of stimulation within 4 hours. SEE YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS.

7. There are purpose designed external vacuum pumps that can be used to attain an erection for those who must use it- these help to draw blood into the penis by applying negative pressure.

8. As a last resort,a prostatic implant or artificial erectile rod can be inserted by a Urologist/ genitourinary Surgeon but not without it's own risk.

9. FDA(The U.S. Food & Drug Agency) does not recommend alternative/herbal therapies for treatment of the condition. I don't think NAFDAC(The Nigerian National Agency For Food & Drugs Administration & control) does either.

10. During the late 16th and 17th centuries in France, erectile dysfunction was considered a crime as well as legal grounds for divorce- practice involved inspection of complaints by court experts**😀😅. Was declared obscene and abolished in 1677.

Now you know how serious the matter can get. Unfortunately, I learn the condition is still a risk factor for divorce in todays society. You however know better so educate your spouses/partners or get them to read as well. For more information, consult references below.



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