#SUICIDE:Why On Earth Would Chester Bennington Of The Successful Linkin Park Fame Decide To End It?

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Chester Bennington of the successful Linkin Park fame commits suicide by hanging himself? Many heard the news a few days ago and went NUMB! Why on earth will Chester,the successful lead vocal  of the famous group,Linkin Park, decide to end it?? Suicide/intentional termination of ones own life is fast becoming or already is a matter of public health concern.World Health Organisation statistics reveal a global incidence of approximately 800,000 suicide cases every year and obviously,some famous celebrities have somehow got their names imprinted in this list; else what theory can we use to explain the sudden death of Chester?
  Suicide seems to be the easiest way out when individuals reach the rock bottom of their mood scales and coping mechanisms no longer seem to make any meaningful sense. Others are a victim of mental conditions associated with hearing voices,that continually advise them to end it. You probably thought that the only/major predisposing factor was financial lack and all of the frustration that come with it, yes? Could it be that unexpected or poor management of overwhelming success can also lead to a deep loneliness and internal need for greater purpose in the wrong direction, that causes morbid frustration and consequent suicidal ideations? Qualified Psychiatrists would know better but one thing I know for sure is that,you can't boast of being Mr/Mrs Super Immune and certainly need to start seeking professional help,when strange negative thoughts start creeping into your head. Yes,there is a lot to hate about the world and sometimes it truly feels like no one cares. The pressure keeps mounting for whatsoever reason and you can't seem to take it any more longer. You never expected that times would turn out like this. 
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 I can't say I am in the best position to advise anyone going through such circumstances at the moment but one thing I can recommend to myself and every other person trying to hang in there is that ,we must constantly reach out. Different countries have help lines. Get the one closest to you and just talk;even if you don't get answers right away. I believe in the popular saying that,"WHEN THERE IS LIFE THERE IS HOPE". Every suicide is a devastating incidence that warrants a debate but the most important aspect for me will be, identifying what exactly went wrong and how to prevent other cases from occurring. Unfortunately, successful victims cannot be interrogated and sometimes the only window to vital investigations is a really sad "goodbye note";like that of Michael Craig Ruppert- the American writer and musician, Los Angeles Police Department officer, investigative journalist and political activist.
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Life does not have to end like this. For more information on how to get help, contact your local Social Service Authorities. For more information about the above story;global response to suicide and other preventive details, refer to the References below. Our sincere condolences go out to your family Chester. Your music struck a cord with Youths all around the world.



  1. How are we sure it wasn't a homicide ?

  2. RIP Chester,Your music definitely struck a cord.you will be missed