#Fitness - Best Gift For Your Abs On A Saturday Morning Is A #Plank!!!

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If you missed out on giving your abdominal muscles (Abs) the best/perfect gift for a typical lie-in Saturday morning,then don't miss out this evening; keep calm and PLANK!!! Are you one of those  males or females who so much wishes to one day develop a very fit looking body with a super admirable anterior abdominal wall? Actually are you one of us 😅??? Have you been seeking to build internal strength (core) but can't stand facing the "no-pain-no-gain" rigours of your gym Instructor? Are you over 6 weeks post-child birth 👩 and wondering how your abdomen can regress back in after being cleared for exercise by your Obstetrician? Then we can start effectively easy with simple Planks. 
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In case you want full instructions of how to go about this simple aerobic routine that can work wonders with your body muscles as you remain stedfast in just within a month,enjoy the video below. As for me,5 rounds of simple planks for 1 minute each has set an excellent precedence for what promises to be a profitable Saturday ahead.


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