#ArethaFranklin - What Oprah Winfrey Thinks As The Queen Of Soul Is Laid To Rest

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By Atlantic Records(Life time: Published before 1978 without a copyright notice) - Original publication: Billboard MagazineImmediate source: page 7, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=71697207

The one and only Queen of Soul Music, Aretha Franklin, will be laid to rest today and as I stare into my system, I am short of words to express the impact her music had on some of us as we grew to gain a better understanding of what Rhythm & Soul meant - if you were a young under-the-shower Artiste, you will understand better.  This is what ACE TV Show Host/Owner of The O.W.N Telemedia Channel, Oprah Winfrey, thinks about the Queen as she departs finally.....

Born on the 25th of March 1942 in Memphis,Tennessee, USA, the super soul sister,mother and grandmother at some point in her life, is reported to have battled with a form of Pancreatic Cancer; abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the pancreas - a large gland located behind the stomach that secretes digestive enzymes (chemicals) into the small bowel. She eventually passed away on the 16th of August 2018 in Detroit, Michigan, USA  and though she is referred to by some as the earliest symbol of International Feminism-demanding some RESPECT when other women kept their cool- she was the pure epitome of earthly love; making me feel like a NATURAL YOUNG MAN, every time I was blessed by her voice on that classic hit! I bet you certainly felt like a NATURAL WOMAN if you were a fan of hers at any point.
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Prevention when possible is better than cure;however early detection of CANCER can save lives. See your Healthcare provider for regular checks and screening tests as soon as you can. For more information about the life and times of the Queen of Soul,as well as her funeral,see the references below.

By Dr. Oghenekevwe Daniel Ogidigben.


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