This Is Why Meghan Markle Always Wears Shoes That Are Too Big For Her

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It’s no secret that we’re 100% obsessed with Meghan Markle’s style, which is why we were more than a little intrigued when eagle-eyed fans noticed that the duchess often appears to wear shoes that are visibly too big for her feet. That’s right — a number of photos out there show Markle in shoes with noticeable space behind her heel.

However, it turns out there’s a highly logical explanation for this, and it just might be the high heel hack we’ve desperately needed all our lives.

Apparently, wearing heels a size or two too big is a well-known celebrity style hack. As fashion expert Harriet Davey told The Sun, “Celebs often go a size up, or even two, in the shoe department when they’re at an event or on the red carpet and it’s for one reason we can all relate to — to avoid blisters.”

Davey added, "There's nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes (we've all been there on a night out) and when celebs like Meghan are wearing heels for a long period of time their feet can often swell up. The swelling can cause blisters, and in the long run, bunions."

There’s also a hack to prevent slipping (since, after all, the shoes are technically too big).

"A trick of the trade is to stuff the toe with padding like tissue or cotton wool, and this can be taken out once they feel like they need a bit more room in their shoes," Davey said.

Our toes will officially thank Meghan the next time we attend an event in stilettos.

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