Paid Work Leave To Mourn For People Who Lose Their Pets?

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The fact that people can get very close to and fall in love with their pets is no news but should paid days off work be given when such pets pass on? Whilst some Cooperations are documented to have started the employee friendly practice in the United States Of America, the debate is getting heated up in the United Kingdom. What is your take on this controversial issue?

Social groups in favour of this request have argued that, just as people grow close to and fund of each other , so do some families grow fund of their pets. In some cases, the pets are the only companions and termed as the best friends to their owners. When these pets eventually pass on, people have been noted to feel bereaved beyond imaginable levels, sometimes mourning for many months to years. "Why should time not be given off work for proper funeral ceremonies and bereavement as the case may be?"These are the exact words of a British Pets Rights Activist. Some of these pets can be breathlessly pretty though....

Will such a question ever come up for debate in Sub Saharan Africa and other parts of the developing world? Or are the economic conditions too hostile for pets to be taken too seriously?  Click into the links below for arguments being made around the world to support this paid leave from work request.


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