5 Tips To Help You Choose A Perfect Red Carpet Outfit And Slay All Day Everyday

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Have you ever been in a situation where you had challenges choosing a Red Carpet Outfit? Are you refusing to send an RSVP because you don't know what to wear? SAY NO MORE...Here's 5 tips to help you SLAY, choosing the perfect Red Carpet outfit.
Rita Dominic- 👀: BellaNaija Style

Most invitations come with a brief description of the event. Is it a black tie or white tie event? 
For White tie events a more formal style of dressing will often be expected of every guests; usually State Dinners and formal Balls. Full-length dresses and ball gowns are appropriate. Certain outfits like bare shoulder gowns may not be allowed without a shawl on many occasions.
Black tie events are less formal when compared to white tie events, as such gatherings are mostly considered  semi-formal event. A more glamorous look is permissible for women; full-length cocktail dresses, ball gowns , Tea length dresses and even short dresses.
Is this event a Dinner Evening? Luncheon? or even a Brunch date? These different times of the day largely determine the appropriate  attire to be worn.
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The invitation may contain a colour code for the event. The time of the year may also be a large determinant of the colour to choose for example, during fall/winter,  shades of: Grey, Dark Red, Navy Blue, Burnt Orange and the likes are the common colours you will find mostly on Runways and Red Carpets. On the other hand,during Spring/Summer colours like: Tomato Red as seen in the image above; Purple/Lavender; Sky Blue, Rose Pink and the likes, usually take centre stage when it comes to the perfect choice for a slay mama outing. 
Basically formal events require dark colours. However white can be excused as well. 
You can go for a black dress and then accessorize with brighter colours but if you want to absolutely steal the attention in the room and turn heads your way, then become "the lady in red"! This is the oldest trick in the book and it works every time.  The lady in red is bold and daring AND she goes for what she wants- of course ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION! Find the shade of red that best suits your skin colour and you are good to go.
Tonni Tones- 👀: BellaNaija Style

 Another major factor in choosing the perfect dress is the length. For this, your height and body shape needs to be considered. 
Most dinner parties or formal events have ladies showing up in long gowns. Ball gowns are also very beautiful for these events .Short gowns and Tea length dresses are worn mostly to Luncheons,Awards, Weddings and Brunch outings as the case maybe. Fashion however keeps evolving and there are no strict rules so who says you can't turn up to a dinner event in a short dress. So many celebrities continue to look gorgeous on the Red Carpet slaying in short dresses. Ask the Jenner ladies of the Kardashian clan....   
Kylie Jenner- 👀: hollywoodlife.com

*- it accentuates your height especially when paired with stilettos 
*- shows off your legs and makes them look  longer
*- makes you stand out from the crowd.
Kendall Jenner- 👀: hollywoodlife.com

The most important point of all is your comfort in any chosen attire. You don't want to spend hours in a dress that's very uncomfortable.  
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