September 21:World Alzheimer's Day- Here's Why You Must Pay Attention!

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👀: Wikipedia- Healthy VS Severe Alzheimer's Disease

It was a trying September 21st and in the mist of all the confusion and ignorance, a relative who lived abroad had phoned in to inform the family that Grandpa may have been suffering from a brain condition called ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE; he was not just choosing to forget what should be familiar faces or  deciding to suddenly act foolish and very needy in a bid to seek selfish attention, as some had already began to conclude. For reasons not very clear to Medical Scientists yet, he may have developed brain changes that have now affected his memory and other aspects of his brain function. Today is another September 21st and if you are still ignorant about this condition, on this special "World Alzheimer's Day", we are joining other concerned Organisations all around the world to raise awareness about Alzheimer's Disease- the most common cause of DEMENTIA( progressive deterioration of cognitive brain function beyond what may be expected for normal ageing)

 Many people especially in Africa, believe that Alzheimer's is a disease condition exclusive to white people in the Western world. Yet, just like my late maternal Grandfather who died in Nigeria over 10 years ago, more and more middle age to elderly people are developing brain changes as shown in the image above and manifesting with the typical symptoms of the Alzheimer's disease but family members who are supposed to be the first point of call for support are totally ignorant; thus the  lack of adequate care for the aged victims. If you are one of those still in doubt as to whether a member of your family can possibly be affected, take a look at the Infographic below and understand why you must pay attention!
👀: World Alzheimer's Report 2015- The Global Impact Of Dementia

Now that we all have an idea, how then do we recognise the symptoms of this devastating condition? Here's what to typically look out for, to suspect Alzheimer's Disease or other forms of Dementia.

Do well to take your loved one early enough  to your primary healthcare practitioner for a Neurology referral if they are within the implicated age range and yourself or other family members begin to notice a recurrence in unusual forgetfulness or any of the other symptoms mentioned above. The condition might be irreversible currently but a lot of research is ongoing as to how disease progression can be slowed down and who knows, eventually a cure might become the reality that a lot of us are praying for. Very importantly, those who begin to manifest symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or other forms of Dementia as the case maybe, require a lot of support and care, so baseline knowledge about this condition will never be a waste of time. You might be in a position to in one way or the other, help your neighbour, your family member or better still, your future self and never forget.... 

For more information about the disease, current campaign efforts, research work, prevention where possible and available forms of management, click into the references below. 

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