Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Tales Of A British Survivor - POEM

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This Breast Cancer awareness month, we bring you the breathe taking tales of how a British Nurse with over 30 years of working experience remembers her ordeal. Having been described by The World Health Organisation as the most frequent cancer amongst women, impacting 2.1million each year with an estimate of 627,000 deaths in 2018 thus far, only a survivor can truly explain the horrible feeling experienced during the period of travail and this poem by Rachel McMacrone captures it all. I couldn't help sharing it with you all, after getting her express consent.

I can feel you looking,
I know your eyes are there,
You are looking for an opening,
I can tell you want your share.

Seven years have gone,
Since I stared you in the eye,
Just needed to remind you,
It's not my time to die.

But once seen, you are not forgotten,
I feel your breath upon my back,
I've seen the ones you have taken,
I know you are keeping track.

I will never know again,
How to live without you by,
You lurk around the corners,
You don't even have to try.

I know someday that you will smile,
And you will think you've won,
I shall lay upon that day,
Broken, diseased and done.

Today is not that day though,
I do not see you here,
And you no longer scare me,
I cannot live with fear.

By: Rachael McCrone

British Registered Nurse & Breast Cancer Survivor

WHO|Breast Cancer

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