Recipe On Flick: Find Out Where The 21st Century Clinical Diet Is Headed

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The world of Clinical Dieting is changing quite significantly from what used to be total abstinence from certain foods if you were diagnosed with  certain chronic diseases, to healthy moderation, satisfaction and thus better quality of life but if you don't know, you will never know. The recipe in the image below was served as lunch in one of the biggest private healthcare facilities in England and if you ask me, I'd say this is where the 21st century clinical diet is headed.
Beef Stake & chips + green peas & cherry tomatoes 📷: @drkevwe (

From the days when diabetic Grandparents were told to avoid sugar and starchy foods completely and left to depend solely on proteins for energy sources or hypertensive parents/grandparents asked to cut out salt totally, Clinical Nutritionist are now finding out that instead of leaving patients totally weak and energy low, strictly controlled portions create better balance both biologically (physiologically) and psychologically. Instead of staying away from a particular food for a while and relapsing to dangerously binge the hell out of that nutrient on certain occasions, the 21st century diet adopts more liberal recipe time tables that have been found to lead to better adherence  and better health outcomes, as long as medications are taken consistently as prescribed by your Doctor; for those on meds or exercise routines are followed religiously for those seeking weight loss and smashing bodies.
Panini and Salads 📷: by @drkevwe (

I am by no means discouraging those who would rather cut out certain foods entirely and easily cope with it. Whatever your reason for dieting, the 21st century reality is that, factors like :physical activity/ exercise, sex, sleep, medications for some and other forms of therapy, play an important role in achieving your targets. Instead of asking a newly diagnosed Hypertensive(person with high blood pressure/poor control) who remains as human as you to cut out salt totally and cope with tasteless food, low salt and 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week would be more like it; not forgetting medication use for those who are on prescriptions. You can enjoy your life whilst on a diet, so get back to your nutritional planning table with your Nutritionist and enjoy better recipe choices all day everyday. you deserve to live not just exist. For more on "Food & Recipes", continue to visit this Blog and do well to drop your comments below, if you may.

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