FOOD:The Relative Theory Of Healthy Fish & Chips - Why You Must Have Fun Dieting

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Fish,Chips & Salads 📷: by Dr.Kevwe -

Thank God it's another Friday but as I settle into the cafeteria at my work place to enjoy the weekly and nicely put together "fish and chips" garnished with salads/veggies, all I can hear is the wailings of anti-calorie mongers who certainly will not appreciate what I have termed,"THE RELATIVE THEORY OF HEALTHY FISH & CHIPS"! I know that I am on a healthy diet drive and so should you all but as you can see, I nicely ignored the wailings, shot my images and devoured the sumptuous meal you see in the photo above; but come to think of it, why should I not have fun dieting?
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What do I mean by "the relative theory of healthy fish and chips" though? Since I relocated to the UK, I've come to appreciate the secret of healthy dieting and having fun whilst at it. I used to lament at the site of fresh leaves nicely tucked besides every meal, in the name of salads but now I know better. The ever growing world of weight loss has tilted many people into fanatical calorie disdain, forgetting that the body actually does need energy in form of calories to function at optimum levels. Yes, fish and chips does contain calories that can become unhealthy if consumed excessively in an abusive manner but if consumed in moderation, a beautiful combo of low salt-baked or even fried fish and chips, garnished with fresh salads can give you a super balanced diet composed of: carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals...that can get you winning after a busy morning at work or anywhere else. This is the relative theory of healthy fish & chips!
📷:by Dr. Kevwe -

I will refrain from speaking too much grammar about the matter, as my family members and friends in the Legal world will say but anything worth doing is worth doing well and since we must all commence on healthy dieting, let us at least enjoy ourselves whilst at it. Clinically, I have realised that patients  are able to hang in much longer and even develop their dieting into permanent lifestyles when feeding with food timetables that promote only moderate nutritional abstinence. Many who have overzealously delved into extreme diets like Ketogenic and co, relapse even before they know it and become worst at their junk eating habit. Others move about feeling very weak and actually unwell inside- please what is that? Eating good food is fun and unless the clinical indication is absolute like: Kidney disease patients who must go drastically low on proteins or Hypertensives and Diabetics who must drastically go low on table/cooking salt and sugar respectively etc, on no account should anyone advise you not to enjoy your journey into the world of healthy dieting. Consult a standard Nutritionist for your personal dietary guidance and always remember that too much of anything can kill! For more information about the health theory of fish and chips, see references below. The matter is that serious...Lol.

* BT| 4 Reasons Fish And Chips Is Good For You

* NHS| Eat Well:Healthier Takeaways

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