FITNESS:Why I Have Been Clocking Kilometres On Foot For Lockdown Exercise

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If there is anytime when people needed to keep fit the most, then it would be this COVID-19 lockdown era but Gyms are currently closed and people are not able to engage in group sports to encourage each other, so I have been clocking Kilometres on foot for lockdown exercise. What have you been doing?

Clocked 10K the other day, with 6K covered by running non-stop and I was very pleased with myself. I had tried to make it a habit to cover at least 5K every weekend, running and walking but this lockdown has given me an opportunity to up the Ante. This is to show that, you do not have to be a pro-runner to go for it. Just set yourself a target, no matter how small and hit the tracks. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve and how you begin to feel within yourself after a few runs.

With approximately 4.1 million cases of Coronavirus Disease confirmed globally and over 280 thousand people dead thus far, mostly people with underlying conditions or severe fitness issues, every opportunity to build up our level of fitness must be taken advantage of. I continually tell myself that, this is not the time to sedentarily become a couch potato, using the lockdown as excuse and although it can prove difficult to beat the inertia sometimes, what I do is to enjoy a lie in, if I must and ensure to get on with it afterwards! It's not a do or die but exercise has always been a necessity and will always be. A little physical activity to increase overall blood flow, is always a win, win for the physical body and mind, whether indoors or outdoors, for those who live in countries that, the current  Government guidance permits a period of outdoor exercise. My deepest condolences go out to families who have lost loved ones in these unprecedented and tragic times. Those of us alive must continue to play our parts in making sure that, the world beats this virus and I am certain that, the time will come, when we would all look back and reflect on the painful lessons learnt. Until then, continue to as much as possible, stay safe people.

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