TENNIS:From Uncertainty With Foot Problems To A 21st Grand Slam Tittle - Vamos' Nadal!

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It's been a few weeks since Rafael Nadal pulled off what appeared to be an astonishing miracle at the 2022 Men's Tennis single finals of the Australian Open Tournament, coming back from 2 sets down to beat Daniil Medvedev, the athletic, never-say-die Russian, in a 5-set show down, despite suffering from severe worsening of what has been reported to be a chronic left foot problem. The recurrent left foot pain warranted Specialist attention and left the now 21-Grand Slam titles winner in doubt about his future as a Tennis player. The pictures and videos he posted to celebrate on Instagram say it all.

Following a series of instagram posts towards the end of last year, die hard Rafael fans began to panic but somehow, the Champ sounded positive about coming back and that's exactly what he did. See one of his instagram posts below about the foot problem.

I don't have the exact details of what happened to Rafael's left foot. I have come across various diagnoses in different websites that I cannot verify, thus not comfortable to comment about these. One thing I know is that, he was in quite some pain, as a result of the body's reaction to injury of some sort in the foot; a process we refer to as inflammation in Medicine. Whether "Kohler's disease" or some sort of "avascular necrosis of the Navicular bone", the most important thing is that, the Team of Specialists did an outstanding job and Rafael recovered excellently. The foot, just like any other part of the body, can be very complex and even the slightest of problems can lead to poor/deterioration of mobility and that's almost always bad news for sports personalities.

The bones in the foot: inferior view (Picture illustrated from Thieme Atlas of Anatomy: General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System (pp.374) by K. Wesker, 2007, New York, Thieme, Stuttgart. Copyright 2005 by Georg Thieme Verlag). 

Whatever the case may have been, Rafael Nadal has his second Norman Brooks challenge cup trophy/ his 21st Grand Slam title chilling in his museum and if you listened to his speech, he promised to continue to fight for more, so VAMOS' NADAL!



Alone At The Top:Nadal Wins Record 21st Majors Singles Title|AO

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