The World Bids Farewell To Queen Elizabeth II At The Greatest State Funeral Of Modern Times

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As the world bids farewell to Queen Elizabeth II in the greatest state funeral of modern times, the solemnity on the streets of the United Kingdom today is unquestionably palpable. 99% of Non-essential Service Providers have shut their doors to pay their last respects to the Queen and the atmosphere at my current location is just mind-blowing, even as Windsor where the state funeral is being held is over 2 hours away. Classical example of a Queen loved by her people to the moon and back, if you ask me.


96 years of a life well lived with over 70 years of a reign that stood the test of time and gained the admiration of many across the length and breath of the globe. Queen Elizabeth II was one of a kind and her devotion to the service of her people will remain as a shining light for exemplary leadership for many many years to come. Adieu great Lilibet

By Dr Daniel Ogidigben

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