AUSTRALIAN OPEN: Will Week Long Leg Distress Stop Federer In The Final Clash Against Nadal?

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The Australian Open 2017 is slowly winding to an end and the happiest men in this tale happen to be Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Will this Final be a repeat of what happened in 2009?
 Emerging victorious in the first  Semi-Final match against Stan Warinka, Old Roger admitted that he had been experiencing an "upper leg thing" through the week, forcing him to call for a medical time out after the fourth set. Could this be a case of mild complications from excessive stretching of thigh muscles (sprain) or what? Did the physiotherapist touch really do the Magic? Whatever the case may be,all that matters to Old Roger an his fans is that,he is in his 21st Grand Slam final and ready to rumble.

When asked if the leg would affect him in the final, his outright answer at that time was no but what is it really going to be? I just watched Nadal defeat Dimitrov with a raging burst of energy in a fiercely contested Semi-Final and I have no doubt that, Sunday's Final is going to be explosive.


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  1. Congratulations Federer, even if I was team Nadal all the way.