HEALTH TECH-:Ex-Google Staff Takes Semi-Virtual Care Notches "FORWARD" with Voice Sensitive Note-Taking Screens!

Seems the future of healthcare is arriving earlier than expected. When an ex-Google genius gets a distress call from a relative being driven to a hospital with a heart attack and the level of care doesn't seem tech squeaky, then "FORWARD" is born. I won't bore you with much writing. Let the images and functionality of The FORWARD Medical Service office in San Fransisco make you decide whether it could be worth it to "DESIGN YOUR HEALTH" any time in the near future.

You get into the reception area and register by typing your details into any of the Pads seen on the table in the picture below,before moving to the erect vital sign machine to get your vital parameters checked e.g: weight and height;temperature;blood pressure;pulse rate;oxygen saturations e.c.t. Machine is also said to be able to capture ultrasound images.

From here you proceed to the high-tech consulting room, where your vitals are already demonstrated on a big monitor that also performs the task of documenting history and examination findings for your Doctor; just by simply recording everything he says and transmitting it to the screen depicted in the image below. This way, your Doctor is able to focus entirely on you, instead of taking intermittent  short breaks to document. Absolutely awesome if you ask me.

After the consultation, the unique infra red light shown below, makes it super easy for blood samples to be drawn for requested investigations. Results are reported to have been programmed to be ready in a few minutes.

After your results are interpreted and medications prescribed by your Doctor, you get sensors and other gadgets back at the table on which you registered in the first place. These sensors enable the clinic Nurses to monitor the clients  for wellness or potentially dangerous vitals whilst away from Hospital environment.These details are then  forwarded to a Doctor for action. The cake is further iced with a unique App that can assist clients with booking Clinic appointments and communicating with a Doctor when need be.

All of this service has been put together by Adrian Aoun and team to cost a flat premium of 149$ per month. Literature reviews reveal that, severe life threatening cases will still be referred to Specialists but it is hoped that, this excellent primary care setting will change the narrative in the Client-Hospital experience. The big question is,when will these tech advances get to the third World?