DIABETES MELLITUS: Symptom Analysis;Do's & Don'ts!!!

The World Health Organisation has defined Diabetes Mellitus as:" a chronic disease, which occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. This leads to an increased concentration of glucose in the blood".

The above definition might sound complex to some of you but we hope that with the next few lines, you become more informed.Let's start from the fact that, a chemical problem (lack of- or insulin- malfunction) leads to excess of sugar in the human blood stream. "How do I even know that my blood sugar is higher than normal and if it is,so what?" Read the short story of an arbitrary Civil Servant for the answer to the above question.

Akpos is a 32 year old Civil Servant and this is his story. "I am literally eating a cow thrice a day but losing weight significantly, I am beginning to fear. I feel thirsty like a Tuareg without water to drink in the Safari desert and even if I drink a full tank at a go,I can't seem to quell the thirst. I am urinating after every 1 hour and the other day, I noticed a lesion of ants around few drops of my urine that spilled to the ground mistakenly, when I went back to take another Pee. My erection is failing theses days unlike before and the unexplained tiredness I feel in recent times has left me super confused ,Doctor. What exactly is this?"

If you know anyone complaining of the above issues raised by Akpos or you are currently  experiencing  anything as such, the next stop should be a healthcare facility where your blood sugar can be checked. Until proven otherwise, the diagnosis is likely diabetes mellitus but this is not a terrible problem yet until, the appropriate action is ignored and complications set in. Report to your healthcare provider and I am certain that your figures will be explained to you and necessary action taken,if need be. Exercise is key when it comes to keeping your blood sugar optimum. Always try to put some sweat out  time into your very busy schedule.

Herbal concoctions cannot help. Bitter drinks do not do it. Your Creator can heal you we know but not necessarily in the church.