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Hello distinguished DR KEVWE'S BLOG (D.K.B.) readers. Your advise might save the day for a confused soul here!!!What do you think this lady should do? Is it fair on love for sickle cell to be a barrier to what is beginning to feel like never ending realtime ecstasy?

For those who have been hearing but do not know exactly what this condition is all about,sickle cell disease is an inherited red blood cell disorder characterised by the transformation of red blood cells into abnormal sickle shapes (as you see in the image below),as a result of a mutation that leads to the formation of abnormal proteins in haemoglobin( the component of red blood cells that carries oxygen to every part of the body). When a male and female carrier of this gene(AS) decide to have babies, the window of birthing a child with the abnormal gene(SS) is created and that is how the word "Sickler" came to be.

Those who have experienced it can attest of the frequent hospital visits. Modern day advances have however made things easier and science has it's stand on this controversial love matter but what is your advise for Madam here?
Every year,World Sickle Cell Day is celebrated on the 19th of June to create more awareness but until then, visit the references below for more information about the sickle cell phenomenon.


With this post,we commence a "PUBLIC OPINION"/ Graphic Series with which, we can sample your opinions/advise for particular individuals with "SOCIAL HEALTH DILEMMAS". I receive questions from different individuals about what health related decisions to take almost on a daily basis. Some of these issues I have experienced personally and some you have. Since we are building a vibrant following here, I have been led by the sense of inclusive reasoning to get all of your advise on the various issues. The identity of involved subjects will not be revealed but they will certainly read all the opinions you drop by way of comments. I will also make a contact form available, so those who have issues to be trashed out can send to us via email for posting. I am using this opportunity to also start a "Graphic series"- to show health related graphic stories by the super talented Graphic Artist- UGO JESSE. Also do well to tell us what you think about the work.