GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS 2017: Gosling Dedicates Award to Eva Mendez & Cancer Victim- Late Brother-Inlaw.

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Ryan Gosling making acceptance speech at the golden Globe Awards.

The atmosphere was said to be lit in Hollywood yesterday as the prestigious Golden Globe Awards got in motion and in the midst of all the fanfare, Ryan Gosling,the super star actor of the movie La La Land, got audiences emotional when he dedicated his award to his sweetheart/wife,Eva Mendez and her late older brother, Juan Carlo Mendez, who lost the fight to cancer sometime last year. The super talented Hollywood stalwart won the award for," Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture,Musical or Comedy" and after a brief comic starter, it was emotions all the way as he celebrated his superstar actress-wife for holding forth at the home front,whilst also helping her brother during his struggle with cancer.
As you may well already know, cancer is a complex medical phenomenon characterised by the abnormal multiplication/growth and spread of any particular kind of cell in the body. It is a massive topic and we would certainly analyse some of the most common cancers as the year goes by but if there is one thing you mustn't forget, it should be the fact that,"PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE;OTHERWISE EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES".
Cancer Awareness Colours
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