"It started with a funny itchy sensation in my private region. I thought it was nothing until I could barely sit or stand for 20 minutes without scratching...you know where. The situation has now worsened to the outflow of a cream, non-fowl smelling discharge that just won't stop"- Mrs Lavender Billybox had never been this confused in the 25 years of her existence and all she wanted was to know what was going on and how to take care of it. "The only thing I remember is using the public restroom at the Market 2 weeks ago",she uttered to her 35 year old mentor,Dr. Mrs Dorime Lakewood. "Your own is good my sister"- Dr. Lakewood replied. "Right now, I have pain when I urinate, a fowl smelling discharge and a fever but the only person I have met with since after my marriage is my husband. I never use public toilets and this symptoms started 2 weeks ago, a week after he returned from travel,complaining of the same"."Did he visit a red light district or what?".

 -Typical conversation between 2 friends who most likely have: Fungal (Candidiasis) & Bacterial Urinary Tract Infections respectively. A urinary tract infection in the first place can simply be defined as "the presence of destructive micro-organisms (infection) any where in the urinary system"- see above images. Having read the above symptom analysis in conversational format as depicted in the above short fictional literature,let's conclude this short epistle with the "Don't-s" and what people should actually do when they experience such. God forbid-"not you"-we know but no knowledge is useless and you never know.

Never listen to any friend that advices you to use sachets of tetracycline or ampiclox and lime. Also do not go to a patent store to get antibiotics on self prescription. Herbal mixtures also do not work.
Simple!!!Upon notice of any of the above mentioned symptoms,commence liberal intake of water and book an appointment to see your healthcare provider as soon as possible. A test (urine analysis, microscopy, culture and sensitivity) will be conducted to confirm the actual micro-organism causing the infection and you will be treated inline with antibiotic specificity results or an expert knowledge of the exact agent;depending on causative bug identified. The clinician reserves the decision to start you on a broad spectrum antibiotic medication, if a bacterial infection is highly suspected.

NOTE: All of the mentioned symptoms must not be necessarily present before you seek expert clinical help and your partner must be tested and treated alongside,if need be. 
This issue sounds very trivial but couples have presented to fertility clinics time without number because of carelessness with what might have seemed like a minor urinary tract infection;sexually transmitted or not. For more information, visit the reference below.



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