National Association of Resident Doctors in Nigeria on another warning strike?

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The caption of this post is the first question that comes to your mind, when you hear that Resident Doctors nationwide in Nigeria, are on another warning industrial strike action. The warning strike action is said to have commenced on the 18th of January and would last for 7 days. Information reaching me reveals that, reason for the action is primarily failure of the Federal Government to meet promises that were made since 2013 by the immediate past administration. Doctors are now beginning to sound like a broken record,you may say. I was once cornered by a senior Nigerian Television Authority Reporter in an interview, to comment on the legitimacy of strike actions embarked upon by medical Doctors. My response was simple; how do you save lives under working conditions that threaten your own stability? I won't bother you with the long list of Doctors demands but the situation seems like a dark tunnel without any end if you ask me. For some of my colleagues,these recurrent warning strikes have become tiring. Is this really the way out?

In response to the action by the Doctors, find below a letter from the Federal Ministry of Health to Chief Medical Directors across the country.

How long will Resident Doctors continue like this in Nigeria? Striving to get some refreshing International experience seems to be a favourite way out for many who haven't found their way into the crumbling Nigerian training program and can you blame them? As an observer looking in from the private sector, best I can do is to pray with all sense of patriotism that, things get better for all those involved. As for me, I'm taking the remaining part of my training beyond the seas,as the spirit of God leadeth. I simply can't deal. For more details on this story visit link in reference.


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