#BEYONCE -: The Twin Gestation That's Got The World Talking!

Beyonce Knowles

Less than 24 hours after she announced it  on Instagram with this stunning image , the most celebrated "Twin Gestation" news has hit the trending roof on every entertainment portal over the globe called Earth. Funny enough, the news is health related, so we had to jump on the gossip bandwagon as well. Yes ,super duper diva,Beyonce Knowles,is not just pregnant but has 2 children currently growing inside of her. Many of you have already started gossiping if this twin stunt is the new trend. Pharrel William and spouse just had  triplets; Jennifer Lopez had hers a while ago; Mariah Carey is not left out in the list and now Beyonce???? Oh yes, Beyonce and she sounds every second excited about the oncoming new members of her family.
👀: momjunction.com

Who's their daddddddy? You already know!
Jay Z & Wife-Beyonce

Permit us to keep the information all fun and science free just this ones;else Twin gestation/pregnancy is a massive discussion for another day.