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That the body massage industry is growing globally in lips and bounds may be stale news for you but to imagine that the automobile industry is taking driver and passenger satisfaction to luxuriously physiotherapeutic extremes is mind blowing. I did a little literature review and if you are as curious as I am,wondering what car's interior can give you the best massage in the world an automobile can offer,then request for a test spin in the 2017 "Bentley Mulsanne EWB" when next you are around a Dealership and return here to drop your review if possible. I'm launching out on the same assignment but in the meantime,you can agree that the interior of this machine says it all.

Yes I am a medical Doctor and a Health Gossip columnist but I'm also an unrepentant automobile enthusiast and the fact that this ride has been reported to give heavenly massages brings both world perfectly together for me. I'm also a dreamer and you must never underrate the power of dreams. An exotic massage in my own copy of a newer model might become reality just before you are done criticising my review.


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