#Medication Related Errors:Operation Reduce By 50%!!!-World Health Organisation.

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched a global initiative that will target to reduce the incidence of "medication related errors" by 50%(half) within the next 5 years. This initiative has been captioned "The Global Patient Safety Challenge on Medication Safety" and must address the loop holes in global healthcare delivery that relate to all aspects of medication use, as well as prompt management of harm that occurs from medication related errors. As depicted in this graphic illustration by Ugo Jesse, medication related errors can occur when  an individual feels unwell and decides to self-medicate,unknowingly using a wrong medication or harmful dosage or decides to visit a patent chemist store for what turns out in many cases to be uninformed prescriptions by Pharmaceutical Technicians or even Pharmacists themselves. The unfortunate part of the situation is that, medication related errors can also happen when you visit a proper hospital and the healthcare provider mistakenly prescribes a wrong medication or wrong dosage or perhaps,mistakes that occur at your In-Hospital drug dispensary during preparation and administration by Nurses. Though worldwide statistics are not readily available, at least one person is said to die everyday and approximately 1.3 million others injured every year in the USA alone,as a result of medication related errors. On a wider scale,statistics reveal that 1% of total global health spending is the cost associated with medication related errors worldwide,amounting to a whooping $42 billion US Dollars and WHO is urging every stake holder worldwide,including patients,to play an active role in ensuring that this trend is at least halved within the next 5 years,if not totally done away with.

Complications like severe drug induced allergies that can lead to kidney impairment are on the rise. Prolonged intake of medications like Aspirin and Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs like Ibuprofen have caused severe erosion and bleeding in the stomachs or intestines of victims. Abnormal life threatening heart rhythms have occurred in the past and still do occur as a result of medication related errors. The list goes on and on and every life that is lost like I always say is one-too-many. Thus WHO is leaving no one out in this challenge from:patient;parents/guardians of patients to Pharmacists and their assistants,as well as Medical Doctors and every other member of the healthcare team that is potentially involved in the medication use interphase,DR KEVWE inclusive. Patients must present to the right and designated Centres for medical consultation and Healthcare providers must double check if not certain,to prescribe when necessary,the right dosage of the appropriate medication needed,as well as ensuring to counsel patients on the appropriate timing of taking their medications. Let the challenge begin people. For more information on the challenge and medication related errors,see references below.



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