MARCH 24: World #Tuberculosis Day 2017-We Must "UNITE TO END TB"! W.H.O!

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Today is "WORLD TUBERCULOSIS DAY" and on this special 2017 edition, the World Health Organisation(WHO) and other stake holders are urging every citizen of the world,infected or not, to "UNITE TO STOP TUBERCULOSIS"!!! For those who do not know, Tuberculosis is an infectious bacterial (Mycobacterium Tuberculosis) disease characterised mainly by: chronic cough;fever;night sweats and weight loss. More severe cases may present with coughing up blood and the condition is potentially life threatening. It mainly affects the lungs but can spread to other parts of the body.  A lot is being done by the World Health Organisation and other concerned partners but apparently,there is still a lot of missed opportunity  and lost ground to be covered. See some WHO Campaign materials/posters and references below for more information.
Over a third of people with TB missed out on quality care in 2015!

Over 600,000 children with TB could not access quality care in 2015,leading to 210,000 preventable deaths!

Stigmatising people with TB inhibits care and is socially devastating!

NO ONE MUST BE LEFT BEHIND, not even children-We must all "UNITE TO END TUBERCULOSIS"!!!



*WHO|What is TB? How is it treated?

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