Late Dr. Henry Bello -Nigerian Born New York Hospital Gun Man & The Unanswered Questions.

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It's been 4 days since the unfortunate story of reckless shooting at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Centre in New York hit news media all around the world but I can't seem to get over the fact that the perpetrator has been identified by authorities to be a 45-year old Nigerian-Born,Caribbean trained medical Doctor called Dr Henry Bello (now late). I've read through several articles on the story and it is a very sad occurrence that a hardworking Physician lost her life in this saga. Not to talk of the other 6 injured persons. An undisputed fact in all of the literature thus far is that Late Dr. Bello had personal problems. Some of the questions that however remain unanswered include: what exactly drove him so low to the point of not caring about the lives he originally trained to care for;including his own? At what point did he lose it entirely and how did he manage to go unnoticed after all the telltale signs? Could this tragedy have been prevented? I don't have the answers to these questions but will make efforts to talk to a few other Nigerian-born medical Doctors practicing in the USA to see if vital answers that will prevent such an occurrence from ever happening will be proffered. If I am not mistaking, this is the first of it's kind amongst Nigerian born medics anywhere in the world and this has to be the last. Our heartfelt condolences go to the family of the young,said to be selfless Physician who lost her life.We also pray speedy recovery for the injured. A hospital should be sanctuary for the sick;not a death trap for any person.

We really won't be able to get Dr. Bello's own side of the story but no matter what,the act was condemnable and very unlikely of Nigerian Doctors who are some of the most gentle headed around the world. For more information on this story,consult the References below. We will however bring fresh details to you as the story unfolds.

NYTIMES|Doctors Killing At Bronx Hospital Called A Monumental Loss

CNN|Hospital Gunman Fired From Hospital Week Before Shooting,New York Official Says

VANGUARD|Bello-New York Hospital Shooter Identified As Nigerian

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