Epic Graphic Work- You Think It's A Dick But No It's Don Jazzy Again- Take A Look

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👀: realgist.com

You think it's a dick but no; "it's Don Jazzy again"! 😂😂😂 All I can think of right now is medical humour and if you are asking why? Take a look at how a talented Graphic Artist in his latest work makes a confirmed male phallus aka penis aka dick, transform into an animated image of  Don Jazzy, the Boss of the Mavin Record Label in Nigeria.

 Graphic Artists have gotten creative with their work in all sort of ways in the past but this creativity is on another level.  Our hands are up in the air for "instagram.com/mkadimart". Well done Brother. Your artistic cerebrum is on fire.

I was just minding my business on a quiet Saturday evening, when some industry gossip came along. Of course my first instinct was to tickle your fancy- Dr. Kevwe's Blog (DKB) distinguished readers and find out what your thoughts are regarding this amazingly hilarious work of art.

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