Ever Heard Of Grilled Snake Meat? Here's What It Looks Like

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I had heard a lot about Snake meat and how it was in high demand in different parts of the world. Little did I know that on that faithful evening, I will come face to face with an already grilled Python. At first I almost confused the well peppered looking meat for some sort of wild grass cutter but something didn't feel right. I was there to buy grass cutter meat and palm wine. I however couldn't help but wonder what kind of alternative protein source was staring at me in the face. I had to ask the young businessman  as he sauntered out of a palm frond  bar towards his potential new customers, smiling  from the thoughts of making another potential sale I guess. I eventually got the shocker of my life when I was informed that, other than the grass cutter which I was yet to find out the price, the other meat was the only remains of a 20 feet long python. Here's what my Panasonic GH4 Camera with an 11-42mm panasonic lens captured.

Some nutritional authorities have postulated that, snake meat does contain 93 calories per 100g of meat. The big question is how many people will consider this as their source of protein? If you have ever tried this delicacy, kindly let us know what it feels like in the comments section below. Some say it does taste like chicken but way better actually. What do you say? For those of us who have never thought of trying this recipe out, will you ever consider having this dreaded reptile for a meal?
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For better information about the nutritional constituents of snake meat, see References below.
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