Saturday Night Style & Wardrobe Revamp- Here's Why You Should Consider High-Slit Dresses

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The High-Slit Dress trend has been around for a while but in recent times, designers as well as the :fashion models; actresses; female music artistes and other female celebrity groups being designed for, have rebranded the style, making hot,sleek and sassy the name of the new game. If you have been contemplating becoming an A-list style icon at every event you attend, here's why you should consider high-slit dresses for your wardrobe revamp.

High-Slit Dresses have been confirmed by style authorities to accentuate the heightening effects of high stilettos, sandals or boots. The silhouette of the dress in addition,has also been noticed to create a leg lengthening illusion,making the overall look simply chic and stylishly sassy.

This trend is regarded to be exclusively for bold women all over the world, who are willing to step out of their comfort zones to make a fashion statement. High-Slit Dresses are great for special events where the crème de la crème of society usually appear, especially for those who want to be the center of attention or decide to unleash the naughty girl within . 

To say female celebrities have fallen in love with this fashion trend is an understatement,as there is hardly any red carpet event that high-slit dresses are not fully showcased. At the just concluded African Magic Viewer's Choice Award(AMVCA) 2018, so many celebrities like Minnie Dlamini, Zainab Azeez etc  turned up looking so chic in these High- Slit deesses.  

The typical slit is designed to end mid-thigh and in some cases, the hip. Many designers are  however getting more daring with their cuts and female fashionistas are proving to love every sense of the rebranded style. Jennifer Lopez (JLO) took this trend a notch higher recently, when she wore a black Spring '18 Alex Perry satin crepe dress with a slit cut from beside the navel down to the bottom of the  dress, to show up at the Robin Hood Foundation gala in New York.

  • Make sure the dress fits PERFECTLY WELL: You want a high-slit dress to be tailored to your size, so you don't end up with a dress flying all over the place.
  • If you are uncomfortable with showing some skin you can cover a portion of your slit exposed thigh with a beige material or lace. 
  • Ensure to adequately  moisturise and hydrate your legs. If a high-slit dress must accentuate your lovely legs, then it's got to be glow all the way.

What are you waiting for to show off those sexy leg?
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