TGIF In London City - Which Of These Lunch Recipe Will You Go For-A Or B?

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Thank God It's Friday (TGIF)  and this afternoon if you are in London City or hoping to be or wished you were here, which of the two recipes below would you prefer for lunch? A or B?

A. Pumpkin and Vegetable (Egusi soup) with Cow Leg,Beef & Dried Fish

📷: @drkevwe -


B. Starter: Lentil Soup & Vegetable Burger; Main: Boiled Chicken & Mixed Salad + very sinful Chocolate Cake & a drop of ice cream for dessert.

📷:@drkevwe -

Don't even jinx it in case you were thinking of doing so. The African recipe is very much available in various parts of London and the quality is no less, compared to what you will typically get back home in Nigeria. You can contact us if you need referrals to tried and tested Restaurants/Joints. We are happy to sort you out big time.
📷: Bow Road by @drkevwe -

If you have a healthy visual appetite for good and well presented food, then make the mini-food Blog on "DR KEVWE'S BLOG" your constant stop by. We've got you covered.

By: Dr. Oghenekevwe Daniel Ogidigben

1 comment

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