Sheer Dresses And The Modern Day Female Fashionista: A Hit Or Miss? TGIF

Sheer Dresses and the modern day celebrity female fashionista; Is this new trend a hit or a miss ? Originating from Hollywood as always, this trend is becoming a recurrent fashion statement on the red carpet and just like every other fashion trend that started in the film industry headquarters of the Universe, it has spread to other parts of the world with Africa not being left out;as even Nigerian,Ghanaian and South African Models amongst others, have been spotted on various occasions, slaying in their sheer dresses.

Sheer dresses have become so popular such that, almost every American or African American celebrity  of note has been seen rocking them at one point or the other. For every red carpet event almost half of the female celebrities are seen wearing these dresses, most of them doing so without underwear. mmhm! You heard me right sister.

Sheer dresses are basically lace dresses  without under lining/linen, designed in such a way that the body of the SLAY Mama wearing them is seen underneath the dress. The patterns of the fabric are arranged to cover the sensitive areas of the body and preserve the modesty of the trendy Queen wanna be;perhaps Queens in their own rights already. Other times the fabric is lined to mimic the skin of a person as seen in the image above. Pretty interesting right?
Thank God it's Friday and I am sure one or two beautiful ladies have high profile events lined up for the weekend in various parts of the world. Are you in:New York? Paris? Milan? London? Lagos? Johannesburg? Abuja? Port-Harcourt? Accra? Los Angeles, Sydney or even Ontario? Name your location.... What do you think of these dresses? Can you be caught wearing them? Is it a fashion trend you would like to explore?

 It's not a game of truth or dare honey. Just let your imaginations run wide and reveal if there is a side of you that can truly explore something new. For more short stories on "Fashion & Style" including typical African Couture, stick with us on "DR KEVWE'S BLOG" and we would certainly take you sky high into the world of unique trends.

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By: Dr. Queen Udoeze

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