Three Exercise Routines That Can Preserve Your Kidney Function- VIDEO

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It's another Saturday morning and today, I have decided to post a short video about exercise routines that can preserve not only our kidney function but practically the functioning of every other organ in the body. As we may know already, the kidneys play a very important role in excretion of waste from the body in the form of urine. The kidney also plays important roles in the formation of Vitamin D for skin health and red blood cells for oxygen transfer. Any form of good exercise will not only be followed up by drinking of water which is great for the kidneys but will also enhance excellent blood flow to all organs of the body in the process, leading to vital supply of oxygen and nutrients; a process that is continually necessary if organ function must remain optimal. Here's a video of my humble self demonstrating what I still believe to be the simplest routines you can make a habit.

Exercise alone cannot entirely take the place of visiting your primary Healthcare Providers for vital wellness checks to ensure that all is well. Monitoring vital biological numbers like our: heart rates, blood pressures and  blood sugar values or even our weight, will go a very long way, in addition to exercising , to making sure that we remain well overall; in regards to body organ function. 

Life does not have to be too complex. Make your fitness routines as light as your body can tolerate and keep the routine as regular as possible. Instead of pushing yourself to the limit at one go, based on the "no pain-no gain" mantra and refusing to return because of muscle and joint aches. In the meantime, I'm taking a brisk walk to join other friends for soccer. Do well to return to this Blog for more simplistic fitness tips. We surely got you covered in a way that no other Blog does. Cheers Fam.

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