Throwback Thursday In New York - 2 Locations That Can Reduce Your Stress Levels From 150% To Zero

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Leisure Travel and enormous levels of stress relief  go hand in hand as propagated by people who have had the opportunity to tour but I was one of the many who felt that, mere sight seeing could possibly make no difference about how I felt in my body, until I visited New York and found two locations that practically reduced my stress levels from 150% to zero! Perhaps the images by the Panasonic lens of an African Medic in wonderland will speak for themselves.
📷 (@drkevwe)

First location was the Brooklyn Bridge area from where I took the lovely image above - the definition of one of the many views of a typical New York Skyline , as documented by my Panasonic GH4 Camera and "11-42mm" lens. What was it about standing on an ordinary bridge to view ordinary sky high buildings anyway? Was it any different from standing on the 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos, Nigeria, to take a good look at the UBA building and the rest of it's neighbouring properties in Marina? Was the Brooklyn Bridge really an ordinary bridge and the New York skyline an ordinary view though? Apparently not! I believe without a doubt that, chemicals with properties of  relaxing the entire body and mind were certainly being secreted by my brain for every minute I remained in that environment because I totally forgot of my every worry in the world to the extent that, I almost missed a flight. This phenomenon may have been the same for every tourist on that bridge, as no one seemed to be in a hurry to leave, whether white or black skinned person. My stress levels had gone from 150% to zero!
📷: The Brooklyn Bridge by @drkevwe -

Second location was Time Square in the heart of Manhattan, especially in the night. Ask people who have ever been to this massive shopping and leisure district in where many tourist refer to as the centre of New York City; time flies like no man business and even in the thick of freezing winter cold  at the time I visited, 3 hours went by like 30 minutes and I was still reluctant to leave. What was I looking at really?  There certainly was the calming effect of brain chemicals been secreted as my eyes 👀 were constantly in fascination by the: colourful buildings, lighting, pictures, people, street music,massive screen displays on high rise name it.

In summary, leisure travel really does lead to massive levels of stress relief. I will spare you the bunch of suggested hypothesis/possible scientific theories put forward by travel enthusiast but a trial will sure convince you. Your favourite destination might be different from mine. Your magic bridge and skyline might be different from mine. Your journey doesn't have to be International necessarily . Important thing is to take some time off your regular schedule and see a few dream places of yours because life is too short to continue in stress 24 hours of 7 days of 52 weeks in a year; year in year out. It's Thursday night in London and I decided to start my first travel narrative on this Blog/memory of wonderful stress reliving travel with a throwback to New York. If you love to travel, feel free to share your favourite experience and magical stress reliving moments in the comment section below. We will continue to share fun travel memories in the "Travel and Tourism" section of "DR KEVWE'S BLOG" so stick with us and remain Healthertained all the way. For details about the Health benefits of travel, visit the references below to see what others are saying in written words.

By: Dr. Oghenekevwe Daniel Ogidigben

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