What Is The True Meaning Of Great Couple Sex? Find Out What A Religiously Anonymous Sexologist Has To Say

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What is the true meaning of great couple sex? As has been admitted in great religious citadels, sex is supposed to be a sweet and sacred institution created by the Higher Powers to solidify the relationship between a couple but in recent times, some of the tiny cracks that have led to major break ups have been caused by relationships marred by terrible sex and even the best of marriage counsellors are proving too shy or perhaps,too holy to tackle matters as they should be tackled. Find out below what a religiously anonymous Sexologist has to say about getting your acts right underneath the sheets; be you man or woman.

1. The fact that she's wet doesn't mean you should come in. Wait for her to beg and crave for it. That's when the fun begins.

2. Always start with foreplay and continue with foreplay before you ever think of penetration. You make your job easier when you do that. 

3. Pay attention to his erection and your wetness. If the feeling is not mutual there may be a problem. 

4. Discuss sex with him. If he doesn't want to talk about it, remind him of the fact that you'll be doing this the rest of your lives together. If he still doesn't want to talk about it, there's a problem. 

5. Find out what turns you on and communicate it. Don't leave him to trial and error. 85% of marriages collapse due to lack of proper communication. 

6. Men are moved by what they see. Feed his eyes with what he wants to see. If you don't, *someone else will*. 

7. When you're about to start having regular sex, I will advise you to stop using your Dildo at least 2 weeks ahead of time. If you don't, you'll be giving him extra work because you haven't made the transition in your mind. 

8. Giving a man addicted to porn and masturbation a blow job is pure punishment. Its punishment to your jaw and hand. You will suck and suck but nothing will happen. 

9. *Your vocals/moaning/ring tone is one of the things that inspires him to keep pumping. Never engage in sex without ringtones*. 

10.  Doggy style is one of the styles men love a lot. It gives them a good view of the ass and it inspires them. 

The down part of that style is that it's not good for men that have premature ejaculation issues. 

I'll advise you not to try that style in the beginning. Delay it and use it to finish off. 

..... and if you're a woman and understand the timing of your husband, don't make him start with that style... He will release too early and you won't enjoy it. 

11.  Sex is very important to humanity. Some female animals die within one year if they don't have sex. This explains why some women nag and are easily irritated, whilst their counterparts remain utterly relaxed and super happy more times than often; almost all other things equal of course.  

There's more where that came from, so consider this to be the beginning of a short series on the subject matter at hand and keep tabs on "DR KEVWE'S BLOG".  

By Anonymous.

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