SPONSORED: Pink October Breast Screening At Warri, Nigeria- Why You Should Be Part Of It

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As part of activities lined up to conclude the Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, The Coastal and Marine Areas Development Initiative (CMADI) in Partnership with Kaizen Pharmacy is organising a "Breast Screening" Event in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria - details as stated in the poster above. The event is ably sponsored by: The Yali Network; New Warri and Dr. Kevwe's Blog. You can also be a sponsor and this  why.....↓
In developing nations like Nigeria, one of the major causes of continuous increased rate of disease is due to lack of adequate knowledge concerning such ailment. 

Today, in our Nigerian setting, some women are yet to hear the words "breast and cervical cancer". Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women worldwide, while breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting and causing deaths among women in the world; even in Nigeria. 

In Nigeria, breast cancer has been recorded as the most common cancer in the female and a principal course of death in women. In the North-Western geopolitical zone of Nigeria, cancer of the breast was second to cancer of the cervix, while in the South-Western geopolitical zone of Nigeria, it was the most common cancer among women

It is said that regular self, clinical and mammography examination of the breast can help with early detection of cancer in women who do not show any symptoms, therefore reducing the rate of women having breast cancer and also reduces the deaths relating to breast cancer. 

Early detection and management of breast cancer have been linked to better outcomes in many developed countries but in Nigeria, most women affected present themselves late for treatment. This is when things have become really worse and it's a life and death issue. It is found that this happens as a result of poor knowledge and laid-back  attitude among women concerning breast cancer. We know this is due to poor education or misinformation available to the general population and the women in particular.

The idea that, "disease no dey kill African man" and "God forbid, cancer is not my portion" plays a significant role in the attitude and reception of the information regarding cancer among the people especially women. 

As a woman, there are risk factors (potential harm) that can lead to developing breast cancer. Some of these potential harm is either natural or you put yourself at risk through some lifestyle behaviours.

These risk factors include:
1. Being a woman (obviously you cannot change that or blame yourself for being a woman)

2. Increasing age (as you get older, the risk gets higher)

3.  family history of first-degree relative with breast cancer

4. previous breast cancers or lumps

5. early start of menstruation; perhaps below  12 years of age

6. first childbirth after 30 years of age

7. late menopause i.e. when you finally stop seeing your period as a woman say at 55 years. 

If you want to learn more about breast cancer and also get an opportunity to be screened for free; there is an event in Warri, Delta State. 
Register now for a free breast screening.


Dr. Weyinmi Orighoye (Dr Weyoms)

Dr Weyinmi Orighoye (Dr Weyoms) is a Paediatrician, Community Development Worker and Women Health Advocate. She enjoys simplifying health matters for African women and children with the use of social media. 
She is the Initiator of The Community Girl Project under Coastal and Marine Areas Development Initiative in Warri, Delta State. The project provides girls in suburban and rural communities with tools to make positive life choices in the areas of health, education, environment and wellbeing.

She has a passion for research. She is currently a Post-Graduate Research Student at the Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom.

1 comment

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